Detect Phishing Emails

Here are a couple of key things to remember to avoid being a victim:

  • Links in phishing email messages often take you to phoney sites that encourage you to transmit personal or financial information to these criminals. Any such email received at work or at home should be deleted without clicking the links.
  • No legitimate organization will request password information by email. Be aware and be careful when releasing your personal information to email solicitations even if they seem credible.
  • Banks, lending institutions, insurance companies, health care services, credit card companies, municipal, provincial and federal governments will never ask for personal information via email. If in doubt, make personal phone calls to the various organizations/institutions to clarify.

Phishing Example 1

Phishing Example 2

Phishing Example 3

Phishing Example 4

Phishing Example

Phishing Example 5

Read What is Phishing? to learn how to recognize a phishing attack.