Desktop Support

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Winter Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Summer Hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Desktop Support

Support for this service includes standard desktop support and troubleshooting, standard suite of applications troubleshooting, OS support and troubleshooting, encryption support and peripheral hardware support and troubleshooting.

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Standard Desktop Support and Troubleshooting: We arrange for onsite vendor support for broken hardware, negotiate and manage service agreements, and implement warranties.

Standard Suite of Applications Troubleshooting: We provide regular patching of standard applications and troubleshoot operating system related issues with the applications. We troubleshoot standard applications and software, and applications that are not opening, saving, updating or are crashing.

OS Support and Troubleshooting: We install, configure, update, and troubleshoot the standard operating systems.

Encryption Support: We provide troubleshooting expertise of workstation encryption, as well as storage and use of computer recovery keys.

Peripheral Hardware Support and Troubleshooting: We support the connectivity of displays, keyboards, and mice that are used with IST workstations and will set up replacements for this equipment if broken. We install drivers and vendor software, and work with vendor support for negotiated specialty devices.

What is not included?
Non-standard workstations, applications and peripherals are not supported by IST. Users with support issues on these devices will be directed to the appropriate vendor.



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