Campus Endpoint Evergreen Program

The Campus Evergreen Program helps ensure university staff and faculty always have the most current technology. Under the program, your campus device is eligible for a refresh every five years.

Everything to Know About the Program

All your questions answered about the Campus Evergreen Program.

Campus Evergreen Q&A

How the Program Works

IST collaborates with business areas, faculties and departments across our campuses to determine which devices are up for evergreen and, with the assistance of the faculty/department’s Evergreen Coordinator, helps facilitate every step of the process, including:

  • Determining who will be up for evergreen
  • Selection of the new device and obtaining appropriate approvals (if necessary)
  • Scheduling evergreening appointments
  • Delivery and installation of new devices
  • Software and hardware compatibility verification
  • Data transfer
  • Removal of your old device

Refer to the schedule below to see when your faculty/unit is up for evergreen.

Evergreening Schedule

The Campus Evergreening Program is intended to cause the least disturbance to your regular workflow as possible. When your faculty/department is up for evergreen, your Evergreen Coordinator (EC) and/or FGM/director will receive a list of end users eligible for evergreen. IST will work with the EC and FGM/director to finalize the list of eligible end users and obtain the device selection.

If you are an end user up for evergreen, you will receive an email with detailed information on how to book an evergreening appointment and have the opportunity to specify your needs. When it’s time to update your device, you’ll receive:

  • an essential evergreen workstation offering (laptop or desktop) (list of workstation offerings)
  • one monitor (if you have two, one will be replaced and the other will be reconnected if possible)
  • a standard keyboard and mouse
  • a webcam (with desktops only if needed)

Any peripherals or software you already have will be checked for compatibility and reconnected during the upgrade.

To find out if your device is eligible for the Evergreen Program, please contact your Evergreen Coordinator.

Evergreen Workstation Offerings

The Evergreen Program deploys devices according to the Evergreen Workstation Offering categories. Please be advised that there are additional costs for devices other than the Essential Evergreen Deployment.

Essential Evergreen Deployment

Suggested use for roles such as: Instructors, administration, payroll, HR, finance

  • Dell Latitude 14" 5400-series: i5-1145G7 (4C,8T), 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD Class 35
  • Dell OptiPlex MFF 7000-series: i5-13500T (14C, 20T), 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD Class 35
  • Apple Mac Mini: M2, 8‑core CPU, 10‑core GPU, 16-core neural engine, 16GB RAM, 256GB

Suggested use for roles such as: Instructors, administration, payroll, HR, finance

  • Dell OptiPlex MFF 7000-series Plus (higher CPU, storage and RAM): i7-13700 (16C, 24T), 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD Class 35
    ~ $435*
  • Dell Latitude 14" 5400-series Plus (higher CPU, storage and RAM: i7-1365U (10C, 12T), 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD Class 35
    ~ $825*
  • Dell Latitude 15.6" 5500-series (larger screen size): i5-1345U (10C,12T), 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD
    ~ $305*
  • Dell Latitude 15.6" 55000-series Plus (larger screen size, higher CPU, storage and RAM): i7-1365U (10C, 12T), 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD Class 35
    ~ $810*
  • Apple MacBook Air 13”: M1, 8‑core CPU, 7‑core GPU, 16-core neural engine, 16GB RAM , 256GB SSD
  • Apple iMac 24”: M2 8-core w/ 4 performance cores, 4 efficiency cores, 7-core GPU and 16-core neural engine, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD
  • Dell Latitude 2-in-1 7300-series (tablet style): i5-1140G7 (4C,8T), 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD

* Additional cost to be funded by the business unit


Suggested use for roles such as: Researchers, developers, data analysis and roles requiring high graphics utilization and CPU

  • Dell Precision Laptop: i7-12800H (14C, 20T), 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD Class 40
  • Dell Precision Desktop: Xeon W5-2445, 64GB RAM, 512GB SSD Class 40
  • MacBook Pro 14”: M2 Pro with 10-core CPU, 16-core GPU, 16-core neural engine, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD

* Additional cost to be funded by the business unit

Custom Configuration
The end user can work with IST to configure their device to their specifications.

Your Evergreening Appointment

Have you been contacted about device evergreening this year?

In the email you will be informed of what is expected of you prior to your evergreen as well as what to expect at your appointment.

You will be required to fill out the End User Deployment Form as well as make an appointment for your evergreen. Once you have completed the above steps, a technician will be in contact with you prior to your appointment if they have any questions, otherwise they will come to the specified location and appointment time. All appointments take place on campus during normal business hours.

If you have applications like Acrobat Pro that require license keys, please have the keys ready. It may be possible to find your license keys by logging into your account in OnTheHub.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is doing my refresh?

IST has hired Microserve to do all the Evergreen Program deployments. They will image and transfer the information onto the new devices.

How do I make an appointment?
When it is time for your evergreen, Microserve will reach out to you to make an appointment and inform you of what to expect.
What if I need to change my appointment?
Contact Microserve’s Deployment Coordinator directly for appointment issues.
What do I have to do before my appointment?
If you have documents saved on your desktop or otherwise locally on your computer, we recommend saving those documents to your personal/home network drives, to Google Drive or to an external hard drive. This will speed up the transfer process and prevent any lost documents.
Can I defer when it’s my time to evergreen?
No, when it is time for your device to be evergreened there is no option to defer. This is to ensure that devices being used can be fully supported. All devices will come with a five-year warranty and, we would like all devices deployed on campus to be under warranty.
Why can’t I keep my old equipment?

IST does not want any aged devices in the environment, especially devices over 6 years of age. Along with data and privacy issues with letting University equipment be given to users for personal use, keeping old systems poses security risks to the university. Replacing old equipment reduces unexpected downtime and provides for better support. As well, the devices gathered from surplus are sent to Microserve, where it can be repurposed and the University gets a small credit which helps fund the Campus Evergreen Program.

After your appointment, we will hold your old device for two weeks in case there are issues with your new device. After those two weeks, the old device will be sent to surplus following the Equipment Asset Disposal and Retirement Procedure.

My faculty/unit has hired a new staff member and we want to get them new equipment that will be added to the Evergreen program and our inventory?
Submit a request for a new device. Ensure that it is noted in the ticket that the device will be part of the Evergreen program and that FGM/director approval is included.
There will be no costs associated with this device however, if a specialized device is required, the business area will be responsible for payment of the cost differential.
Who do I contact if I want to know if my computer is on the evergreen program?
Contact your Evergreen Coordinator.
What is the role of the Evergreen Coordinator?

Your Faculty/Unit Evergreen Coordinator will:

  • act as the faculty/unit’s point of contact and answer any general questions regarding inventory
  • assist with the verification of your faculty/unit’s inventory
  • assist with the identification of end users up for evergreen
  • work with the FGM/director to send out communications regarding their faculty/unit’s evergreens
  • assist IST with the gathering of device selections
If a staff member leaves, what happens to their device?
If the device is still within the evergreen period (less than 5 years old), it is up to the business to redeploy the machine. You will need to notify IST on any inventory changes (e.g. location, user).
What is an Early Evergreen?
An early evergreen is when a device is replaced before the Faculty/Unit’s scheduled evergreen. IST would evergreen that device and count it towards the Faculty/Unit’s 20% for that fiscal year. For example, if a device breaks before it is due for evergreen and is not able to be fixed, it can be early evergreened.
Will you replace my machine at my home?
No, all deployments will be on campus at your desk or office.


What kind of equipment will I get?

The Evergreen Program deploys the Essential Evergreen Workstation Offering categories.

  • Dell Latitude 14" 5000-series
  • Dell OptiPlex MFF 7000-series
  • Apple Mac Mini
What if the standard does not meet my needs?

If a standard endpoint does not meet the unique requirements of a user, another device can be purchased from the Evergreen Workstation Offering categories. Purchase of a specialized device will require supervisor approval and the additional costs will need to be covered by the business area.


  • Dell Latitude 15.6" 5000-series
  • Apple MacBook Air
  • Apple iMac 24"
  • Dell Latitude 2-in-1 7000-series


  • Dell Precision Mobile Workstation
  • Dell Precision Tower
  • MacBook Pro 14

Custom Configuration

The end user can work with IST to configure their device to their specifications.

I am a faculty member who requires a specialized device. What are my options to cover the additional costs?
With approval, your faculty can cover the costs incurred. As a faculty member you are also able to use research funds to cover the additional cost.
Will I still have administrative rights on my new device?
If you have administrative rights on your current device, you will retain it on the new device. IST and the CISO are looking at what level of access end users need operationally and how to balance it with a safe computing environment for everyone.
Will my new device be connected to a domain?
If you are currently connected to the STS or your faculty/unit’s local domain, your device will remain on the same domain. If your device is stand alone and not connected to a domain, it will be added to the appropriate domain for your area in order for IST to better manage your device.
Will I be getting a new keyboard and mouse?
Yes. If you require a specialized/ergonomic mouse and/or keyboard, that will be at the cost of the business and you will need to submit a ticket to make the order.
Will a docking station be provided with the new device?
Your new monitor acts as the docking station and has multiple ports to allow for peripherals to be plugged in.
I have a webcam. Will the Evergreen program replace it?
Webcams will be provided with desktops. If you receive a new laptop, webcams will not be replaced as it will have a built-in camera.
I currently have two monitors. Will IST be replacing both monitors?

IST will only replace one of your monitors as part of the project. Since the new monitor acts as a docking station, you may be able to attach a second monitor to it, or directly to the desktop or laptop. Please ask the Microserve technician for assistance.

Note: Current Macbook Airs are unable to connect to dual monitors.

I have a label maker I use with my computer. Will IST connect it to the new device?
Microserve will reconnect any existing peripherals to the new device. If any are not compatible with the new device, the business will have to purchase ones that are compatible.

Evergreening Support and Issues

Who can I contact for support about my new device?
You can contact IST anytime after your appointment for support. However, IST will only hold your old device for two weeks in case there are issues with your new device. After those two weeks, the old device will be sent to surplus.
I have received my new device and I have an issue. What can I do?
If issues occur with the device, submit a request for assistance. Please ensure that you include details about your device evergreening when submitting your ticket.
I have software that didn’t get copied over from my old device. What can I do?
Submit a request for assistance. Please ensure that you include details about your device evergreening when submitting your ticket.