Workstation Deployment and Disposal

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Workstation Deployment and Disposal

Support for this service include hardware delivery and setup, standard environment setup, peripheral hardware, moves and transfers, hardware surplus and disposal. Contact us for:

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Hardware Delivery and Setup: We gather client requirements for hardware, arrange appointments for setup, confirm the office infrastructure supports the hardware (e.g. has network port and power supply), and set up and install the equipment. We do not provide equipment set up in home offices. This service component is provided for standard workstation configurations only.

Standard Environment Setup: We will connect your computer to the domain for inventory tracking, maintenance, and support. This allows us to make broad changes to all standard machines at once, helping keep everyone’s machines secure and up-to-date. We assist you with procurement and work with SMS on the delivery of the requested computing devices and IT resources, making sure they are ready and configured. Domain rules are applied to the computer. Standard desktop operating systems are installed and configured on the computer. Applications from the standard suite are installed as required. Device encryption is provided to protect data on devices and the recovery key is retained by IST for use as required. An anti-malware tool is applied to help keep the system secure. You can also receive access to network drives as part of the domain service.

Peripheral Hardware: We provision standard keyboards, mice, monitors and some specialty devices (by prior agreement between IST and the client).

Moves and Transfers: We assist with moving of physical hardware to a new office. This service includes assistance with disconnecting and reconnecting the workstation and supported peripherals for minor office moves. This service does not include relocation to / from home offices.

Hardware Surplus and Disposal: Workstations will be removed from the domain and prepared for surplus or e-waste when they are no longer useful. We will facilitate data backup through the provision of shared drives and providing instructions. Computers are retained for 2 weeks before processing. If workstations are assigned for waste, it will trigger a transaction in the Hardware Lifecycle and Evergreening service to properly e-waste the machine and update the inventory records.



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