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The LAC is a comprehensive and secure digital testing centre. The LAC builds and administers digital assessments in a comfortable, but highly secure environment.

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(Weekday evenings and Saturdays may be available upon request)

The LAC requires booking requests to be submitted a minimum of 5 business days in advance, and are accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. Book early to secure the dates and times you prefer.

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What You Need to Know

What kind of assessments can I book at the LAC?

The LAC customizes their service to fit almost any kind of assessment (essays, selected response, multi-media, etc.). Contact us to discuss your particular needs. Most instructors are pleasantly surprised at how flexible digital assessments can be.

What is the difference between a Block Exam and a Flexible Exam?

Exam booking requests fall into two categories:

  • Block Exams - All students write together in the LAC at the same time.
  • Flexible Exams - Scheduled within a designated date and time range (usually two or more days). The instructor determines the date and time range, and  students are allowed to book a time that works for their schedule within that specified timeframe. As the exams are administered outside of class time, instructors have more class time for course content.
How do I book a block exam?
  • Complete the online booking form.
  • Identify what materials or items, if any, students require to write the exam. Examples include calculators, textbooks, notebooks, etc. Please be specific (i.e. open book using non-digital resources only).
  • Optional: Instructors may choose to stay for the full length of the exam block, however, this is not required.
How do I book a flexible exam?
  • Complete the online booking form.
  • Indicate the date(s) you would like students to complete the exam. For example, instructors can allow students to write an exam over a 24 hour period, a few days, or longer if needed.
  • Indicate the duration of the exam. This refers to the time students have to complete their exam once it has been opened.
LAC Services
Pre-Exam Services
  • Exam Digitization 
    Convert and upload paper-based exams to a digital format.
  • Question Creation
    Professional support in the creation of high-quality test questions.
  • Digital Question Bank Management
    Creation, storage and maintenance of questions in digital format. Questions can be tagged according to a variety of criteria, such as the level of difficulty and relevant learning outcome(s).
  • Student Self-Booking System
    Web-based exam booking allows students to write at their own convenience without taking up class time and or the need for instructor involvement.
  • Email Reminders 
    Helpful automated reminders for AR (formerly SAS) student list and exam submission deadlines.
  • Exam Consultation
    Professional support in the creation of high-quality exams.
Exam Delivery Services
  • Check-in/Out 
    Secure student entry and exit through multiple sources of verification and authorization.
  • Live Proctor
    Trained proctors invigilate at a ratio of 1 to 50 students.
  • Remote Proctor
    Service available for students writing at an off-campus location.
  • Highly Secure Lab
    One-hundred locked down workstations.
  • Student Accommodation
    We are able to support accommodations such as: extended time, larger font, and a reduced distraction environment.
Post Exam
  • Post-Exam Report
    An exam administration summary is sent to the instructor providing details on the average time students took to write the exam, proctoring notes, and a list of students who did not write the exam.
  • Automatic Scoring 
    Results are immediately available for most question types.
  • Exam Analysis
    Exam performance measures are immediately available for most question types.
  • Customized Reporting
    Generate  custom reports to students, ensuring high quality feedback.
  • Question Analysis
    Individualized sessions with professors to analyze test items and make revisions.
Saving You time

This short video compares traditional exam administration efforts to digital services provided by the LAC.

Commonly Asked Questions
Are “open book” exams allowed in the centre?

Yes. The LAC accommodates instructor requests for this exam style. We have administered open textbooks, open internet, and "open anything" exams.

Does the instructor have to proctor the exam?

No. It is not necessary for the instructor to attend the exam. We will contact you should an issue arise.

Can I have students write in the LAC during my specific class time?

The instructor can choose as large or small a window as they are comfortable with, provided it does not conflict with other bookings.

What format should I use to prepare my exam? (Word, Google Docs?)

We support exams in multiple formats, including Word, Google Docs, Excel and Google Sheets.

What is the benefit of a digital exam in comparison to a traditional paper exam?
  • Multiple choice and short answer questions can be instantly marked without using Scantron sheets.
  • Students can type short answer or extended response essay formats with ease. Instructors are not required to interpret student handwriting.
  • Students can use the accessibility features on the computer to accommodate vision difficulties and preferences.
  • Exam markers can access all of the exams in one place from flexible locations. No need to lug around exam booklets for marking.
Is the LAC available as a proctored space for students writing paper-based exams?

The LAC is available for students writing eClass exams. On occasion, the LAC will proctor paper-based exams by request of the instructor.

Is the LAC available for exams during any term and course duration such as IFX and AFX terms?

The Learning Assessment Centre is open year round. The LAC can accommodate exams at any time throughout the semester — regular or condensed, fall, winter, spring and summer.


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