Dr. Patrizia Bettella commemorates the publication of Carlo Collodi's Adventures of Pinocchio in 1883.

26 October 2023

Dr. Patrizia Bettella appeared on the radio program "Ciao Italia" (Edmonton) by Francesco Sorgiovanni on Sunday, October 22, 2023. Dr. Bettella explains who Carlo Collodi is and why his children's book has become a true masterpiece translated in many languages and reworked in countless adaptations. The Adventures of Pinocchio continues to inspire us for its universal message that transcends the fairy tale written during Post-unification Italy. The puppet with the growing nose has become an icon recognizable all over the world.

Listen to the interview here. Dr. Bettella’s interview is in the “Musica e Storia” section from 59:19 till 1:11:37.