Spring 2020 Dates and Deadlines

Not all courses have the same dates and deadlines listed below. View the Non-Standard Spring Deadlines.

Spring Term: May 4 to June 10
For classes that run:
6 weeks 1st 3 weeks 2nd 3 weeks
Registration begins February 14 February 14 February 14
Classes begin May 4 May 4 May 25
Registration: Last day to add or drop courses May 7 May 7 May 28
Audit registration accepted May 4-7 May 4-7 May 4-7
Fee payment: Last day for paying fees without penalty May 7 May 7 May 7
Fee refund: 50% refund deadline after which students withdrawing will be assessed full fees (see Note 1) May 19 May 11 June 1
Withdrawal June 3 May 19 June 5
Classes end June 10 May 22 June 10
Examinations June 11-12 May 22 June 11-12
  • Notes
    1. Students who have not paid their fees in full by this date, or made satisfactory alternate arrangements, will be assessed late payment penalty charges. To avoid installment charges, all Fall/Winter fees must be paid by the Fall Term Fee Payment Deadline and Spring/Summer fees must be paid by the Spring Term Fee Payment Deadline. Refer to Deadline for Fee Payments in the University Calendar for details.
    2. Students withdrawing after this date will be assessed full fees.

Instalment charges

If you pay all Spring and Summer Term fees by the Spring Term Fee Payment Deadline, you will avoid a $40 instalment charge.

If you choose to pay by term, your Spring Term fees must be paid by the Spring Term Fee Payment Deadline. Your Summer Term fees, plus the $40 instalment charge, are due by the Summer Term Fee Payment Deadline.