Registration and Courses


How to withdraw

You can withdraw from individual courses, or from an entire term. In either case, the procedure is the same. 

Until the Registration Deadline in a term, students may drop courses using Bear Tracks. If the course was added to the student's registration through the department, the student must contact the department or the Registrar's Office to have the course deleted from their registration. If you are withdrawing from an entire term(s) you must drop each course individually.

After the Registration Deadline and until the Withdrawal Deadline, you can withdraw from your classes through your faculty. You must complete a Course Withdrawal Form and it must be approved by a designated faculty member. Ensure to check with your faculty on their withdrawal procedures.

Withdrawal information for Open Studies is available through the Office of the Registrar.

Current students who are contemplating withdrawal are encouraged to discuss questions relating to their withdrawal decision, readmission or future vocational plans with their Faculty Advisor and/or Student Counselling Services.

Withdrawal deadlines

To see the Add/Drop deadline, 50%-refund deadline, no-refund deadline, and fee payment deadline for a given term, visit Registration Dates and Deadlines.

Financial implications of withdrawals

Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

  1. Refer to Withdrawal Deadlines for each term.
  2. The tuition deposit is nonrefundable, except in cases where a student has paid the deposit and is subsequently denied admission or is deemed ineligible to continue prior to the start of the current term.
  3. If a student drops a course from a registration before the Registration Deadline, no instructional fees will be assessed. If the course change results in a registration status change, non-instructional fees will also be reassessed accordingly.
  4. If a student withdraws from a course after the Registration Deadline and up to the Refund Deadline there will be a 50% reduction in the instructional fees assessed. If the course change results in a registration status change, non-instructional fees will also be reassessed.
  5. Students who withdraw after the Refund Deadline will not receive any reduction in tuition fees assessed.
  6. Fee deadlines are firm and are strictly enforced. Students must ensure that they process and confirm any intended withdrawals by the required deadlines since ignorance of the deadline or its consequences will not be accepted as an excuse. No special financial consideration is given to students who must withdraw after the deadlines. Students should be aware that when they withdraw from a course at any time after the Registration Deadline, they have effectively occupied a place in the class for the entire term. Since space in classes is limited, an underlying principle of this policy is to ensure that as many opportunities as possible are left open for students seeking to register. The University treats all students in an equitable fashion adhering strictly to the deadlines published.
  7. The effective date of the withdrawal is the day the Faculty or Department receives the withdrawal form. Students who register and then cease to attend, or never attend, without properly withdrawing will not be eligible for any refund of fees nor will they be exempted from paying assessed fees that are unpaid.
  8. Where students have a credit balance as a result of reassessment, Financial Services will issue a refund. Financial Services normally issues refund cheques by mail up to six weeks after the Refund Deadline.
  9. Students are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of their registrations. Students should validate course changes by going to Bear Tracks, under 'Academics' and select the 'My Class Schedule' link.
  10. Partially Paid Accounts: If you have not paid your full fee assessment for the term when you withdraw, you may still owe money to the University. Check your assessment and account balance online or contact Financial Services 780-492-3000 for an up-to-date Statement of Account.