Obstetrics and Gynecology Services

Dr. Tankel provides specialist medical care related to pregnancy and treatment that focuses on issues related to the female reproductive system.He works at the U of A University Health Centre (UHC), and downtown at the Kingsway Medical Clinic. However, your prenatal care will be at the UHC, and only in rare cases will you ever need to be seen at the downtown location.

Appointment Considerations

What are appointment wait times like?

Appointments are scheduled for 15 minutes, though wait times are difficult to predict and can be variable. Due to the nature of Dr. Tankel's medical specialty, he deals with emergencies and deliveries during his scheduled office hours. As such, we recommend that you plan to be at the clinic for approximately 3 hours. As well, in order for Dr. Tankel to see you as quickly as possible, we advise that you register at the clinic for your scheduled appointment time.

Who can access obstetrics and gynecology services?

Dr. Tankel can see current U of A undergraduate and graduate students and their family members (e.g., a spouse/common-law partner, dependent child of a student) exclusively at the UHC. 
Important note: Dr. Tankel cannot see post-doctoral fellows, U of A staff, or SU employees at the UHC, but referrals from a UHC family physician to see Dr. Tankel at his Kingsway Medical Clinicf office can be provided.

Existing U of A patients cannot book appointments at his office at the Kingsway Medical Clinicf. To see a different OB-GYN, you will need a referral from a family physician or UHC physician. Wait times between seeing a different OB-GYN will depend on your medical issue as well as the availability of the specific OB-GYN. Important note: We cannot provide referrals to multiple OB-GYNs.

Former students who were seen by Dr. Tankel at UHC may call to book an appointment at his Kingsway Medical Clinicf office. (Patients must indicate to the staff at the Kingsway Medical Clinicf that they are former patients of Dr. Tankel's from the UHC.)

Will childcare be available during my appointment?
Childcare is unavailable at UHC or the Kingsway Medical Clinic. If you bring your child/children with you, consider bringing something to keep them occupied during the duration of your wait time and visit.

Types of Appointments

IUD Insert

You can call the UHC to book your initial appointment for the IUD insertion if you meet the criteria to book an IUD appointment with Dr. Tankel. UHC administrative staff will discuss all of the instructions for the appointment at the time of booking, including pain management strategies, necessary lab/blood test requirements, and Dr. Tankel's cancellation policy. In general, you won't necessarily need to see another physician before your appointment with Dr. Tankel. Important note: The blood test will need to be completed at a Dynalife Dx location one or two (1-2) days prior to your appointment with Dr. Tankel.

IUD Prescription and Lab/Blood Tests

  • If you are covered by Alberta Health Care, you can visit the UHC Pharmacy for an IUD prescription (Mirena®) and a lab requisition for a blood test.
  • If you have out-of-province health care coverage, you will need to see a pharmacist. These consultations cost $25. You may also see a family physician at the UHC as this visit is covered by your provincial health insurance or UAHIP coverage.

All prenatal appointments must be booked. You can book a first prenatal appointment in person or over the phone at UHC. A first prenatal appointment will be booked when you are at 12 weeks of your pregnancy. We advise you book all of your appointments for the duration of your pregnancy at once to ensure that you are being seen at the correct stages of your pregnancy. Booking all of your appointments at the same time can provide you with more choice in selecting the available appointment times that fit with your schedule, and, doing so also ensures that there is an appointment time dedicated just for you. In general, prenatal appointments are booked every 4 weeks up until week 32. Appointments after week 32 are scheduled every 2 weeks, and appointments after week 36 are weekly. Important note: If you booked appointments that carry over after your delivery, contact staff at the UHC who will cancel them on your behalf.

Chaperone: A female registered nurse is available during any prenatal care appointment at the UHC. For more details, speak with the nurse when directing you to the exam room.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prenatal Care

What can I expect at my prenatal care appointment?

Before each visit with Dr. Tankel, you will see a registered nurse who will take your blood pressure, weight, and obtain a urine sample.

Due to the nature of his practice, Dr. Tankel often has to leave the clinic for deliveries and emergencies. As a result, you may have to wait to be seen for your appointment as t is not unusual to wait anywhere from three or more hours. As this is unexpected, we still ask that you arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. We encourage you to bring a snack, a drink and something to keep you occupied in the event that you have a long wait.

As well, please be advised that child care is unavailable at UHC or the Hys Centre. If you bring your child/children with you, please bring something to keep them occupied during the duration of your wait time and visit.

Important note: Your delivery will be at the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH), located downtown, where Dr. Tankel participates in the on-call delivery system. This is the only hospital location where he works. And, while Dr. Tankel's goal is to be at most deliveries that take place between Monday to Friday, if your delivery occurs during the night, on the weekend or on a holiday, another obstetrician may be present for your delivery.

What kind of prenatal classes are available?
There are different types of prenatal classes and hospital tours offered at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women. For classes offered in English call 780-735-4204 for more information, and for classes offered in Mandarin contact the ASSIST Community Services Centre at 780-429-3111.
What other prenatal resources are available?


University Health Centre
2-200 Students' Union Building (2dn floor)
prenatal care service available on Thursdays and some Mondays


Health Link
Call 8-1-1 (24-hour prenatal care service)

Hys Centre Medical Clinic
# 510-11010 101 St. NW
780-414-0782 ext. 2
prenatal care service availability varies

Royal Alexandra Hospital
Labour & Delivery
Lois Hole Hospital for Women, Robbins Pavilion (4th floor, Unit 4 East)
10240 Kingsway Ave, 780-735-4848
24-hour emergency prenatal care service

Royal Alexandra Hospital
Emergency Department
10240 Kingsway Ave
If an emergency, call 9-1-1
24-hour emergency prenatal care service


  • The Unexpected Guide to Having a Baby by Ann Douglas
  • What to Expect When You're Expecting by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel


Why do I need to book a follow-up appointment after my delivery?
Unless otherwise stated, Dr. Tankel will want to see you for a follow-up visit 6 weeks after delivery. To book this appointment, contact UHC at 780-492-2612. Important note: While your baby is welcome to join you, this appointment is to assess your health following the birth of your child/children. Your baby will not be assessed at this appointment.



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