What is Criminology?

Criminology is the study of crime and social responses to crime. It aims to develop a body of knowledge about behaviours, processes, and institutions related to crime. Criminology critically examines relations of power by exploring how patterns of structural inequality influence who and what are labelled criminal and with what consequences; it informs decisions ranging from the processes of making laws, reintegrating offenders, and building communities, to developing sound policies and critically engaging with information about crime and punishment.

Why Study Criminology at UAlberta?

Students in the BA Criminology program engage with excellent instructors and leading scholars in their fields through lectures, seminars, and one-on-one mentorship. They build knowledge about crime and criminal justice, connect to outside experts and practitioners, and learn how to activate their learning in relation to the complexities of criminological institutions and practices. Students also build knowledge and skill in research methods and social theory. Opportunities for experiential learning allow for personal and professional development, where students apply and extend their knowledge.

Experience Beyond the Classroom

Our award-winning faculty bring teaching and research excellence to the classroom, from stimulating lectures to small seminars. Field placements, faculty research mentorships, and opportunities such as Community Service-Learning (CSL) and the Arts Work Experience (AWE) complement in-class instruction, offering the benefits of experiential learning. CSL is designed to integrate hands-on community projects into academic courses, and the AWE program offers career-related, paid work experience through either the Arts Co-op Program or discipline-specific internships. The Certificate in Applied Social Science Research also provides hands-on learning experiences through which students can develop practical research and critical thinking skills.

  • Sub-disciplines withing Criminology
    Indigenous Justice
    Comparative Criminology
    Critical Criminology
    Youth Justice
    Prisons and Punishment
    Restorative Justice
    Socio-Legal Studies
  • What can I do with a Criminology degree?
    Community and Youth Advocacy (Victim Advocate, Youth Counselor)
    Criminal justice careers (Security Intelligence Officer)
    Indigenous Justice and Relations (Indigenous Liaison Officer)
    Law (Lawyers, Paralegal)
    Policing (Police Officer, Crime Analyst)
    Policy development and analysis
    Program evaluation

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