Academic Standing Appeals

Your Academic Standing is based on how you meet (or do not meet) the academic requirements for your program of study. More details on Grades, your GPA, and the Academic Standing categories can be reviewed here.


If you have not met a requirement you will receive a personalized letter in your Bear Tracks Official Correspondence in late May or early June. 

It is very important that you thoroughly read your letter as it outlines what academic requirements you have not met, what academic standing category you have been placed in, and the consequences or conditions that have been placed on your file.


Students in Arts are allowed a limited number of Academic Standing appeals during their studies. Your letter will tell you if you can or cannot appeal. Most students do not appeal. 


If the issues which affected your academic success have now been resolved and you are ready to continue your studies without taking a break, then you may want to appeal. If you are ready to continue your studies and you are offered the opportunity to apply to Fresh Start, then we strongly recommend that you continue your studies as a student in Fresh Start instead of appealing. 

Your appeal will only be granted if you demonstrate that you understand the reasons for your academic difficulties and that you have a realistic plan for improvement. If your Academic Standing letter says that you are not allowed to continue in your program, the Associate Dean will ask the Department which offers your program whether they support your appeal or not. 

A successful appeal will not remove from your transcript the academic standing which you earned. The initial remark will remain. What an appeal can change is the consequences or conditions of that academic standing and how you can proceed with your studies.


The deadline to submit an appeal is included in your Academic Standing letter.

  1. You must write a letter to the Associate Dean who sent you your Academic Standing letter.
  2. If you have supporting documentation that you want to share with the Associate Dean, you must include it at the end of your letter.
  3. Your appeal letter must be saved as a PDF.
  4. The PDF must be named in this format: [Student ID #, last name, first name] e.g., 1234567 Doe, John. 
  5. Once you have completed and saved your PDF it must be uploaded through our Academic Standing Appeal form.
    1. This form is ONLY for Faculty of Arts students. To appeal to a different faculty please refer to their website or your academic standing letter for instructions.


The Associate Dean will consider your appeal and make a decision within 14 business days of your appeal deadline. You will be sent the decision letter in your Bear Tracks Official Correspondence. 

The Associate Dean may set conditions for granting your appeal, such as a limit on the number of courses you may take. You are responsible for following these conditions. 


If the Associate Dean denies your appeal or approves your appeal and imposes new conditions, you have the right to appeal the denial or the new conditions to the Faculty of Arts Academic and Grade Appeals Committee (AGAC). Details on how to do that will be included in the Associate Dean’s decision letter. 

The AGAC will schedule a hearing within 60 days of receiving your formal appeal and you will receive their decision 14 days afterwards. The committee can uphold the original decision, change the conditions, or deny your appeal. If their decision is not acceptable you will be provided with information on how to appeal to the GFC Academic Appeals Committee.


  1. Office of the Student Ombuds - contact for support and information about appeals.

  2. Student Service Centre - contact for questions about how a Requirement to Withdraw affects your tuition and fees.

  3. International Student Services - contact for questions about how a Requirement to Withdraw affects your visa or study permit.

  4. Faculty of Arts Academic Appeal Procedure - additional institutional information.