Student Success

Student Success provides the following services to all Augustana students for free:

  • Student Success Workshops covering the academic skills that every student needs to develop in order to be the best student they can be.
  • One-on-one workshop selection meetings to help students determine which workshops might be the best fit for their needs.
  • One-on-one academic skills counselling for students who have specific areas they would like to focus on.

Upcoming Workshops

No upcoming workshops are scheduled.

Workshop recordings

How to Succeed in Online Courses

Now that Augustana has moved most of our courses online, learning strategies have changed. We will cover tips for getting the most from online courses, studying effectively, and managing your time and workload so you can be more successful.

How to Rock Your Presentation

Every Augustana student will give a presentation at some point in their degree. What can you do to make yours the best they've ever seen? How do you combat stage fright? We will cover the basics of public speaking and what you can do to make your presentation stand out from the pack.

How to Manage Group Work Well

At some point in your university career, you will have to work on a group project or presentation. For many students, this is one of the most difficult things they can do. Learn some tips to form a better group, work well together, and create a project that you can all feel proud of

Top 10 Supertips for Student Success

What makes someone a successful student and successful in life? There are many strategies you can use to become a better student. This workshop provides you with the top 10 tips to be the best student you can be.

Have Fun and Get Work Done

It's easy to feel overwhelmed and fall behind in your coursework but there is hope! If you manage your time well, you can have fun AND reduce major stress AND get your work done. Have your phone/laptop/class schedule for the session as we discuss strategies for schedule planning, managing priorities and how to still have fun!

How to Stay Motivated in Online Courses

Motivation is the engine that keeps you going while you learn. When you move that learning online, you face new challenges to your ability to stay focused and motivated throughout your course. This workshop will cover ways to change your thinking about online learning, refocus your attention, and keep yourself motivated until the end of the course.

What Can I Do About Zoom Fatigue?

Now that classes are remote, we are spending most of our time on the computer! Many people have noticed this is more exhausting than regular classes and are struggling to maintain their focus. This workshop covers things you can do to manage zoom fatigue and reduce exhaustion and inattention.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

The current pandemic has made us aware of the physical boundaries we set for ourselves and those around us. What about other kinds of boundaries we have? This workshop will explore the different boundaries that we set and how they influence our own wellbeing. We will examine ways to set healthy boundaries and how they can support us to grow and become more successful.

Taking Notes and Kicking Butt!

It can be difficult to listen to your professor in class and know what is important enough to write down. Should you write down everything? Should you focus just on listening? How do you write and pay attention to what they're saying at the same time? Learn good note-taking techniques, how to identify what's important, and how to study from your notes.

Getting the Most from Your Textbook

There's a big difference between reading for fun and reading university textbooks. This workshop will cover strategies to stay on top of your assigned readings, be more prepared for class, and less overwhelmed when studying for exams. You can read faster and understand more with less stress!

Writing Different Types of Tests

Different types of exam questions require different types of thinking. Learn strategies for answering multiple choice, short answer, essay and problem-solving questions.

How to Study for Exams

There are many ways to prepare for an exam - some are better than others. We will cover different study techniques, types of exam questions, and how to manage your nerves when you go to actually write the test.

Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Memory

Between lectures, textbooks, and readings, you have a lot to remember as a student. Fortunately, there are tricks to help improve your memory so you can retain what you learn! We will cover memory improvement strategies and different ways to access what you know when your marks are on the line.

Keep Calm & Ace Your Finals

Final Exams are coming. Learn strategies to help you prepare for and write online and take-home exams and manage the stress of the online learning environment.

Stress Management

This workshop provides practical tools for navigating the stress of university life. Learn about the neuroscience of stress and ways that a healthy body can support a healthy mind through nutrition, breathing and healthy habits.

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