Purpose & Goals

Living in residences is an important part of the Augustana experience. A residence hall is a place where students can achieve academic goals and successes as well as endeavor to grow and develop as a whole person. The Residence Services Office primarily focuses its energies on the co-curricular experience which is a valued component of the students' development. Residence programming is put in place in cultural, ethical, social, spiritual, and educational areas to assist in this development. The entire program and the necessary regulations are established with due consideration for each student's educational and social needs, safety and health standards, and the overall educational objectives of the Faculty. Residence halls are provided by the Faculty but the Residence program itself is an outgrowth of student needs and is dependent on student initiative, as well as residence staff personnel creativity and guidance.

Living with people from different backgrounds, with different lifestyles and values, is an important learning experience. One comes to appreciate and respect alternative ways of seeing and making decisions. The desired result is not only a deeper understanding and acceptance of others, but also a clarifying of one's own values and a better notion of one's relationship to and responsibility toward others. Augustana strives to foster this process, convinced it is critically important for a liberally educated person in the modern global community.

Augustana is a residential faculty. Living in residence is a valuable part of the "total educational experience." The goals for the residence life program at Augustana are focused on the development of the whole person and include the following:

  • To provide a supportive environment for studying and learning.
  • To promote opportunities for, and to encourage participation in, activities designed for development of personal awareness and growth.
  • To stress responsible behavior and respect for the rights of all residents.
  • To promote educational, recreational, religious, cultural and social programs in the residence halls.