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At the UAlberta MBA, we connect bright and motivated individuals hailing from different corners of the globe. Our exceptional faculty includes world-renowned researchers that bring their global experience and perspective to the classroom. With the combination of support from the Master's Programs Office, faculty, and students, the UAlberta MBA provides a unique and transformational experience to all.

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Associate Dean, Master's Program: Michael Maier

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Professor Maier teaches our Executive MBA, Master of Accounting, and Master of Financial Management programs. He is also the Associate Dean of the Masters Programs office. Professor Maier received his Ph.D. in accounting after taking a heavy interest in information systems.

Q: How did you get involved in your field?

My involvement in the accounting field was by accident in many ways. I did not set out to become an accountant. Initially, I was interested in Information Systems and Design, but as I continued my undergraduate degree, I realized that accounting was more about information. So after finishing my degree, I shifted over, did my Ph.D. in accounting and the rest is history.

Q: What resources do you recommend to help your students succeed in class/ MBA program?

Financial media is probably the best and most underappreciated resource. The top three resources I recommend to students are the Financial Times, The Wallstreet Journal and the Globe and Mail. I believe that students should be reading these resources on a daily basis. I look at them quite frequently as it keeps me in touch with what’s happening in business, highlights current trends, and provides insight on what is happening in the world at large.

Q: What is your favourite thing about being a professor?

My favourite thing about being a professor is being able to interact with students. When you see that light bulb go off in a students mind, it’s an amazing feeling because you know that you’ve made a difference.

Executive Assistant: Taylor Doucette


Taylor Doucette is the Executive Assistant and fashionista here at the Masters Programs Office. She graduated from the BCom program in 2018. Outside of work, Taylor creates content for her blog, When I’m Older, where she shows off trendy outfits, reviews beauty and skincare products, and more!

Q: What was your background prior to working at the MBA Office?

I graduated with a major in Human Resources and a minor in Accounting. Prior to realizing that Business was the faculty for me, I took a year in Sciences as well as a year in Education. I loved having the chance to explore my options fully before I landed in the Business faculty. Right after graduation, I got a job at a financial media company as my first bit of experience in an office setting. However, I always knew that I wanted to work in higher education so I started to look into what positions were opening at the UofA.

Q: What attracted you to this job?

When I left school, I felt sad to be leaving the university behind. So I knew that I always wanted to return one day but as an employee, not a student. When I came across the job posting for an Executive Assistant in the Masters Programs Office, the position sounded right up my alley. I wanted to be back in the business faculty to help other students.

Q: What are your hobbies?

My main hobby is writing for my style and beauty blog, When I’m Older. I started it 7 years ago, and although it’s less of a hobby and more of a secondary job now, it’s definitely remained a huge passion of mine over the years. I love to share fashion and makeup tips with my readers and connect with people all around the world who share the same interests as me.

Employer Relations Advisor: Alyesha Dyck

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When she’s not exploring the great outdoors going mountain and trail biking, you can find Alyesha Dyck, our newest MBA Career Advisor, hard at work preparing for orientation and other initiatives.

Q: Before working in the Master’s Programs Office, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

Before starting with the Master’s Programs Office, one of my previous roles entailed working as a door-to-door sales representative. I sold alarm systems to homeowners across Canada and even spent four months in Denver, CO. This was a great summer job and I did this for four years while completing my BBA Degree.

Q: What does your MBA Career Advisor role entail?

As an MBA Career Advisor, I work directly with students to help them achieve their career goals through obtaining internships while completing their MBA and ideal careers post-MBA. I help the students with resume and cover letter writing, LinkedIn profiles, and interview preparation.

Q: How can students make the most of the MBA Career Management Centre during their time in the MBA program?

Utilize the myriad of services offered and build a strong relationship with the MBA Career Advisors. We are here to help students and we want to see them achieve success.

Director, Career Education and Coaching: Cori Foged

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So I have an MBA, now what? Cori Foged, Director of Careers & Strategic Initiatives, leads a team that helps MBA students navigate their career journey.

Q: How long have you worked for the Masters Programs Office and what was your background prior to joining the University of Alberta?

Prior to working here, I worked in the engineering coop department where I managed a portfolio of companies that hired our students for jobs ranging from software with Google to roles in large oil and gas, nanotechnology and biotechnology organizations.  Career Development in the post-secondary setting has been a strong theme in my career journey.

Q: How does the Career Management team impact the MBA student experience?

The Career Management Team plays a significant role in the growth, development and transition of a student’s career path while in the program.  Our focus is on developing the necessary soft skills for success along with providing knowledge, confidence and access to networks. Our coaching program helps students discover their unique career path and guides them along to success.

Q:  What would you say to students that are graduating into a tough economy?

Where there is crisis, there is opportunity.  Twenty-five years ago, computers were on the cusp of taking over, the world looked scary yet here we are today with a computer we can hold in our hand.  There will always be change and there will always be work for talented individuals.

Director, Full-Time & Part-Time MBA: Aileen Kaushal

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As an alumna and the Director, Full-Time & Part-Time MBA Programs, Aileen Kaushal promotes the UAlberta MBA experience to prospective students from around the world and works with the Academic Services Team to ensure students are supported on the academic side of their program.

Q: You did your MBA part-time while working at the University of Alberta. What challenges did you experience as a part-time student?

For any MBA student, regardless of their part-time or full-time status, time management is a challenge. As a part-time student, the program teaches you how to balance work, school and your personal life.

Q: What advice would you give to prospective MBA students?

Take extracurriculars and getting involved seriously. Your time is limited, so you have to be selective and see where you can add the most value. Participating in the MBA experience will help you build new relationships with your peers.

Q: How would you describe the culture of the Masters Programs Office in just three words?

Inspiring, fun, hardworking.

Senior Director, Recruitment, Admissions, & Marketing: Chris Lynch

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Chris Lynch is the Senior Director of our Masters Programs Office. Read on to learn more about Chris’ role and the advice he would give to both prospective and current students.

Q: How long have you worked for the University of Alberta?

In 2003, I graduated from the Alberta School of Business and started working at the University of Alberta’s Research Services Office. I stayed there for a year and a half and then I went travelling for six months. While abroad, I applied for a job with the Alberta School of Business Masters Programs Office and started working there in 2005.

Q: What sets the Alberta MBA apart from other programs?

I believe our collegial atmosphere sets us apart. We have a large group component to our classes that encourages collaboration among students. Our students are active and engaged, but they also realize that they have the opportunity to learn a lot from their fellow classmates.

Q: What advice would you give to potential applicants?

Put a lot of thought into things before you apply. Look at yourself and determine what you want to do in the future. Be honest, upfront and thoughtful with us in your application. This helps us better assess your fit for the program and we can better connect you to resources while you’re a student to help you achieve your career goals.

Program Coordinator: Jessica Olesen


Jess Olesen is the Program Coordinator for the Executive MBA, Fort McMurray MBA and Master of Accounting Program here at the Master’s Programs Office.  Jess is a proud alumnus of the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Q: What was your background prior to joining the Master’s Programs Office?

After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree I worked in sales for a while, which was a great learning experience but not my passion and I started looking for other opportunities.  I knew a couple of people who worked at the University at the time, and they talked about how much they enjoyed it so I began applying to job postings.  Shortly after that, I was hired on as the Executive Assistant to Associate Dean, Michael Maier which was my start of working in the Master’s Programs Office.

Q: What does your role as a Program Coordinator entail?

I’m the main point of contact for students in the Executive MBA, Fort McMurray and Master of Accounting Programs for any questions they have.  I set up courses in our online system and enrol students in their courses, doing program reviews to make sure they’re on track to graduate.  I order and distribute their textbooks to them.  I plan special events such as orientation, guest speaker events, and convocation.  I work with the professors to create the schedules each term and provide them with assistance when it comes to purchasing cases, setting up eClass, etc.

Q: What is one tip that you would provide to incoming MBA students?

Be sure to take care of your mental health!  Reach out to our office if you need resources and/or to be connected with someone to help!

And go on an exchange if you can!  I did an exchange in Vienna during my undergrad and it was truly a life changing experience.

Director, Executive Graduate Programs: Charlene Patry

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Charlene Patry, Director of Recruitment, Admissions and Marketing on her experience in the Alberta MBA Program, working in her dream job and tips for prospective MBA students!

Q: What do you love about working for the University of Alberta?

This is in every sense my dream job! The ability to work in a university setting where there is incredible energy, dedication and hope for the future is the best! I am continually inspired by the students that I meet, the commitment and expertise of our professors and the progress and impact that our business community members are making in the world.

Q: What competencies are you looking for prospective students to demonstrate throughout the admissions process?

Accountability, adaptability, resilience, self-awareness, positive attitude, drive and leadership.

Q: What are 3 things that make Statement of Intent (SOI) letters stand out (positively)?

  1. Future-Focused: we don’t want the majority of your SOI to repeat what is already showcased in your resume in terms of past accomplishments. Instead, we want you to clearly express why you are choosing to pursue an MBA (vs. other options), how it will support your Short-term and Long-term career goals, why at the UofA, and why now.
  2. Succinct yet Passionate: we look for the SOI letters to be clear, concise and effectively written, yet speak from the heart and show passion for the decision to pursue graduate level education.
  3. Self-Awareness: we want to see that a significant amount of self-reflection and analysis has been conducted to ensure your preparedness for entering a demanding graduate program!
Academic Services Coordinator: John Pho

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John Pho is the Academic Services Coordinator for the Master’s Programs Office. Learn more about John’s role and how he assists MBA students in course enrolment and timetabling.

Q: What was your background prior to joining the Master’s Programs Office team?

I am a Bachelor of Commerce graduate and have worked in several different organizations ranging from small construction companies such as Sherwin Williams, to the public sector including the Government of Alberta and University of Alberta.

Q: What does your MBA Academic Services Coordinator role entail?

I am here to provide exceptional service to MBA students regarding course enrolment and timetabling through their entire program.

Q: What do you look forward to the most in terms of working with MBA students?

I look forward to helping MBA students make their course registration process as stress free as possible!

Academic Services Advisor: Melissa Williams

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Melissa Williams is an Academic Services Advisor with the Master's Programs Office. Learn more about the role her department plays in ensuring student success.

Q: What role does Academic Services play in the MBA student experience?

Our Academic Services team helps students with course enrollment, timetabling questions, and program planning from admission to graduation and ensures that students meet all of their academic requirements.

Q: What’s the best part of your job?

Interacting with students and helping them through their educational journey is very rewarding.

Q: What are some benefits you’ve witnessed when students take part in an international study tour?

The biggest benefit that I have seen and experienced is that the students and staff get to know each other better. Students get to know their fellow classmates, Masters Programs Office staff, and instructors on a different level and become much closer. It’s also a great first-hand cultural learning experience.

Senior Career Advisor: Paul Taylor

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Our resident golf pro and Senior MBA Career Advisor Paul Taylor sits down with us to chat about recruitment tips.

Q: What’s the best part about being a Senior MBA Career Advisor?

We get to see the impact we make every day. It’s rewarding to see the journey from when students come into the program, work hard and achieve the goals they set.  I’ve been able to help students successfully navigate the recruitment processes of Nike, Amazon, SAP, City of Edmonton and the Government of Alberta.

Q: What are some interview “do’s” and “don’ts”?

Don’t show up unprepared. Don’t start talking until the interviewer is done their question. Don’t think your MBA degree speaks for itself; you need to speak to your skills and demonstrate that you are the best person for the job.

Q: What are some recruitment trends you’re seeing?

The importance of building and maintaining relationships in person or virtually using social tools like LinkedIn and Zoom. As well as the importance of tailoring and targeting your applications.

Admissions Coordinator: Eva Eberhardt

Many prospective students interact with Eva, our admissions coordinator before, during and after they apply to one of our programs. Here's a glimpse into Eva's world. 

Q: How long have you worked for the Masters Programs Office and the University of Alberta?

I’ve worked for the University of Alberta for about nine years. I’ve been with the Masters Programs Office for nearly six years and I previously worked in administration for the Faculty of Arts.

Q: What’s a typical day like for you in the Masters Programs Office?

A typical day sees me answering admissions inquiries from prospective students via email or phone. I balance these inquiries with going through our application system to check for complete applications and then contacting students when application pieces are missing, assigning applications to the committee for review and drafting admission/rejection letters.

Q: What advice would you give to prospective students?

Read the website ( and do a bit of research on our admissions requirements before you call or email us. It shows us that you’re interested in the program. Also, be sure all of the correct documents are uploaded before you submit. If you miss something, it slows down the admissions process.

Program Coordinator: Yue Wu

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Yue came to the University of Alberta as an MBA student from China. Now she works as a Program Coordinator in the Master’s Programs Office.

Q: What does your Program Coordinator role entail?

I am responsible for the general management of the Master of Financial Management (MFM) programs and the MBA programs in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China. My duties include student recruitment and admissions, academic registration, scheduling, posting grades, event coordination, program logistics and stakeholder relationship management.

Q: What made you want to work for the Masters Programs Office after you graduated from the MBA program?

I had experience interacting with the Masters Programs Office and they helped me a lot when I was a student. I like the culture of universities since I had previously worked at one in China. I especially was attracted to the opportunity to help international students.

Q: What’s the most important thing you learned as an MBA student?

I learned from the career advisors in our career management sessions during MBA orientation that you need to have a goal in every stage of your life and work to pursue it. I had never done this before the MBA and now I do set goals for myself.

Admissions and Administrative Assistant: Mita de la Fuente

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Mita de la Fuente is a BCom student with a major in Marketing and a minor in MIS. She is currently filling the Marketing and Communications Assistant position for four months this summer before she finishes the last semester of her undergraduate degree in the winter term.

Q: What do you plan to do after you graduate in December?

I plan to travel around Asia after finishing in December. The Philippines and Japan are on my itinerary right now but I intend to add more destinations to that list as time goes by. I’ll be back for my convocation in June and then hopefully find a full-time Marketing related position for the rest of the year. 

Q: What is your favorite part about working in the Masters Programs Office?

There are 3 main reasons why I love working at the MBA office.

  1. Everyone at the office is extremely nice and welcoming.
  2. I love the work I do here!
  3. Working for the Faculty of Business is exciting since not that many people have the chance to do so.

Q: As a new member of the team, what is your initial impression of the culture of the Masters Programs Office?

I would describe the culture of the Masters Programs Office as accommodating and easy-going. The staff here are very friendly and always offer guidance and advice (which is something I appreciate so much)!

Director, Analysis & Admissions: Xiao Cheng

Xiao came to the University of Alberta as BCom transfer student from China. Now she works as a Financial & Data Analyst in the Masters Programs Office and is a part-time FastTrack MBA student too.

*Xiao is currently on maternity leave.*

Q: What’s the best part about your job?

I like communicating with different types of people all day – students, vendors, other accounting professionals within the University.

Q: What’s your experience been like as a part-time FastTrack MBA student?

The MBA is totally different from undergrad! You don’t want to just speed through this degree – you want to enrich yourself. I’ve had the opportunity to make new friends and learn a lot from my classmates, professors and industry professionals.

Q: What’s your experience been like as a part-time FastTrack MBA student?

The MBA is totally different from undergrad! You don’t want to just speed through this degree – you want to enrich yourself. I’ve had the opportunity to make new friends and learn a lot from my classmates, professors and industry professionals.

Student Engagement Advisor: Jenna Dahl

What is student engagement and why is student voice important in decision making? We sat down with Student Engagement Advisor Jenna Dahl to learn more about her role.

*Jenna is currently on maternity leave.* 

Q: Your role is new to the Masters Programs Office as of June 2016. Why was a Student Engagement Advisor role needed?

Previously, there wasn’t a formal platform for student voice. Having students represented at the decision making table is very important as the decisions academic institutions make arguably impact them the most. The purpose of my role is to connect student groups and their leaders to the Masters Programs Office, ensuring a constant flow of communication. More specifically, I manage student case competitions, orientation programming, student initiatives and assurance of learning.

Q: What do you believe is the greatest area of opportunity for MBA programs?

JD: A focus on extracurricular activities is an area of opportunity for all academic institutions. Giving students a safe place to build skills such as public speaking through extracurriculars like case competitions, student government and networking events will enhance their personal development. I also believe taking advantage of student voice in the educational system is an area of immense opportunity. In the future, I see educational institutions establishing more platforms to get students involved in the decision making process.

Q: What advice would you give to prospective MBA students?

JD: You won’t get anything out of being a bystander. You will get the most out of your interactions with other people through extracurricular activities. Take advantage of the opportunities given to you by other students that will help you grow.