Fine Particle Flotation by Hydro-Dynamic Cavitation and Hydrophobic Agglomeration

Direct Applicability to Industry:

Because lower grade ores require finer grinding, standard methods of mineral liberation and cavitation are ineffective. This results in lost revenue due to loss of valuable minerals and sends excess waste to the tailing ponds. Finer grinding increases energy use and associated costs. Dust control is another problem associated with fine grinding.

Nature of Problem:

New technologies are required for fine particle flotation and grinding. Increasing environmental regulations and increasing global demand place even more pressure on industry to find solutions to these problems.

Financial and Environmental Impact:

The recovery of valuable minerals from waste water will have positive financial and environmental impacts locally and globally.

Lead PI: Qingxia Liu

Co PI(s): Robert E. Hayes, Zhenghe Xu

Students: Yihao Du, Matthew Jackman