About the GSA

GSA Speaker 2019-2020

Pranidhi Baddam

"The Speaker is responsible for presiding over all meetings of GSA Council" (GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section D: GSA Officers, GSA Bylaw, Section D.BYL.3.3.c).

E-Mail: gsa.speaker@ualberta.ca



Hi! I am Pranidhi Baddam. I was born in India and moved to Edmonton when I was 13. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta. Currently, I am in the second year of my MSc degree in the Department of Oral Biology under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Graf. I intend to transfer to a PhD this fall. My research investigates the role of BMP7 in cartilage biology and in specific how cellular and molecular defects in the cartilage lead to nasal septum deviation. I will be presenting my recent findings at the International BMP conference in Tokyo this October. Apart from my passion for research, I like to travel, meet new people and experience new cultures. Also, I enjoy watching Basketball, and I play Badminton every week.


I have been actively involved in student governance since my undergraduate years. To name a few, I was involved in the granting and constitution review committees for Student Group Services. My experiences from these committees have inspired me to continue to be involved in student governance.

In my department, I am one of the graduate student representatives for the School of Dentistry’s Student Research Group. My involvement in the group has given me an opportunity to discuss critical issues that graduate students face in our department. Hence, I chose to be part of the GSA as I saw it as an avenue to voice students’ opinion and act on the issues they face. My journey in the GSA began a year ago when I was the GSA representative for the Standing Committee on Convocation. During my time in the committee, I had the opportunity to meet a diverse range of individuals and learn about ways to reach consensus while considering everyone’s opinion.

Apart from GSA, I also have experience in organizing conferences/lectures as I helped organize the Craniofacial Biology Symposium in 2017 to celebrate the School of Dentistry’s 100 years. This year, I also helped organize the Geoffrey H Sperber Lecture, where we hosted Dr. Gage Crump from the University of Southern California. Besides, I am a committee member of the South Asian Diabetes Awareness Committee (SADAC), where I help organize the yearly South Asian Diabetes Expo in collaboration with Diabetes Canada.

As a GSA Council Speaker, I am here to ensure that Council meetings run in an orderly fashion and that everyone has equal opportunity to voice their opinion.