1.1 The Graduate Student

Graduate students are ultimately responsible for their own programs. They are expected to read the Calendar and any other relevant documents to become familiar with all regulations and deadlines relating to their programs.

The students' fundamental responsibilities include ensuring that their registration is accurate and does not lapse, submitting appropriate forms to the department for signature and processing, and paying all fees required by the deadline dates set out in the Calendar.

Graduate Student Guidelines

Graduate students should:

  • Make themselves aware of the contents of the graduate portions of the Calendar and take responsibility for their own programs in that the Calendar sets out the requirements for the various programs;
  • Be aware of possible scholarship opportunities, and seek advice and assistance from the department in making applications, etc;
  • Be aware of the supervisor's and any departmental expectations
  • Inform the supervisor or advisor regularly about progress, and provide the supervisor with an annual report for distribution to the supervisory committee;
  • Maintain open communication with their supervisor or advisor and graduate coordinator concerning any problem; and in the event of a conflict in the supervisor-student or advisor-student relationship, discuss with the supervisor or advisor and graduate coordinator in a timely fashion (see Resolving Conflicts in Supervisor-Student Relationships in the Calendar);
  • Make research results accessible (beyond their appearance in a thesis) to an appropriate audience.

(FGSR Council, 1989/06/19)