1.3 The Academic Advisor

The academic advisor is essential to the successful pursuit by the student of the course-based master's degree. The academic advisor will:

  • Provide appropriate guidance to the student in course selection, course changes, and progress within the program;
  • Meet with a full-time student no less than two times in an academic year and will meet with a part-time student no less than once in an academic year;
  • Explain the rationale and review with the student any administrative and/or curricular changes that have occurred since their last scheduled meeting and any impact that such changes will have (or potentially might have) on the student's progress;
  • Where appropriate, consider a graduate student a junior colleague;
  • Maintain open communication with the student concerning any problem; and in the event of a conflict in the supervisor-student relationship, discusses the issues with the student and graduate coordinator in a timely fashion (see Resolving Conflicts in Supervisor-Student Relationships in the Calendar).

(FGSR Council, 2010/05/19)