ASTech Awards


These prestigious awards celebrate innovation and creativity in Alberta. The awards recognise all disciplines and all career stages, in the two general categories of Best in Sector and Leadership/EDI. 

As new and developing researchers, we would encourage you to consider both categories, however the second category may be more applicable. Undergraduate students have won in the second category for Change Maker and Community Initiative, many faculty have been recognized in the various other categories, and WISEST and ELITE are UofA initiatives that have been finalists.

Recent Student Winners

2023 Community Initiative - NeurAlbertaTech - NatHack: A Hackathon Like No Other (UofA)
2023 Change Maker - Connor Povoledo - Start-Ups Level 7 and Wound3 (UofA)

2022 Recognition of Programs Promoting Youth - NXT GEN - U of A A student group promoting business education to high school students.

Why should you apply? This is an excellent way to build professional connections that can support you in the short and long term. One aspect of a graduate or PDF journey is to share the impact of your research, and here is yet another venue to do this in. A nomination would be a significant boost to your CV as you move into the next stage of your career.

You may self-nominate, do a joint nomination with your supervisor/PI/research team, or be nominated by someone else.  The GSA/PDFA would be welcome nominators.