The Innovation Bridge Series


Welcome to the 2023-2024 series that will help you discover many aspects of innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset.  The series is open to all students and postdoctoral fellows who want to explore how their skillset can open opportunities, whether it is to start a new initiative themselves or to assist other organizations in successful ventures.

Students and postdoctoral fellows are in a unique position - talented, creative, analytical, problem solvers, innovators - yet, they rarely rank themselves high in their business acumen. Having an entrepreneurial mindset has a far greater scope than starting a business that sells a product or service. Innovation, creativity, and an entrepreneurial mindset are what is needed to create solid policies, develop new processes and establish best practices. These are the skills that graduate programs build and can be transferred to any organization.

The Innovation Bridge Series will take you on a journey of exploring questions that relate to the entrepreneurial mindset and will help you bridge your skills with the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem that needs you.


Is a Career in Consulting for You?  (1 hour PD credit)

Date: January 31, 2024 | 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. MST
Open to all members of the campus community (students, postdocs, faculty, and staff)

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Overview: Have you ever heard, ″Why don't you become a consultant?″  As graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, you are developing skillsets in research and project management that could make you well suited to starting your own consulting practice, but there are many factors to consider in becoming a professional consultant. Julianna Cantwell, founder of JUNA Consulting Inc., will share some key insights about running your own consulting business, what it takes to be a consultant, and a few first steps to consider.  As a mentor for the University of Alberta's Threshold Impact Venture Mentoring Services (VMS) Program, Julianna helps entrepreneurs scale and grow their businesses.

Presenter: Julianna Cantwell is the President of JUNA Consulting Inc., which is a strategic human resources consulting practice that helps organizations improve individual and group performance, operating for the past 17 years. Specializing in learning & development for almost 25 years and communications for more than 20 years, Julianna logs over 100 days a year speaking and facilitating learning through Canada, as well as in the US and Europe.

Julianna is a graduate from the University of Alberta, NAIT, and MacEwan University and is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR). She is also a Past President of the Human Resources Management Association of Edmonton (HRMAE), a former Director on the Board of Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), and also served as a Director on the Board for Little Warriors.

Julianna is currently a mentor in the University of Alberta's Threshold Impact Venture Mentoring Services (VMS) Program, which helps entrepreneurs scale and grow their businesses. When she is not working, mentoring others or volunteering in the community, she enjoys travelling, hiking in the mountains, beach-combing at the ocean and riding the trails on both her
mountain and road bikes.

More sessions to be announced for 2024. Stay tuned...

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