Year End Round-Up With UAlberta Google

With the year coming to an end, we’ve rounded up some highlights showcasing what Google brought to UAlberta Google users in 2020.

The upheaval of 2020 compelled us to embrace productivity tools like never before. Our workspaces have been truly reimagined as we dove head first into becoming masters of raising our hands in meetings, presenting our screens, hitting the all important mute and video buttons, sharing and adding comments in documents, chatting in virtual rooms and illustrating ideas on digital whiteboards.

The U of A’s Google implementation has helped to improve our digital dexterity by introducing ongoing enhancements and new tools throughout the year to better collaborate and connect. With over 200,000 UAlberta CCID’s using Google for Education, 39.2 million emails sent and received each month, and 3,500 TB of data being stored in Google Drive (including 7,100 Jams since May!), UAlberta’s Google implementation is one of the largest, and most active in Canada. 

If you’re wondering just how much we embraced video conferencing, look no further: UAlberta Google users hosted 81,000 monthly video conferencing sessions on Meet — compared to an average of 7,700 monthly sessions last year!

With 2020 coming to an end, we’ve rounded up some highlights showcasing what Google brought to UAlberta Google users throughout the past year. 

What’s New? Take a Look Back at 2020

This year introduced new tools for remote collaborative whiteboarding (Jamboard) and connecting and engaging with UAlberta users (Currents). Google Chat became the default messaging experience, and an all new integrated workspace was launched to help us stay focused, be productive, and collaborate more effectively without leaving Gmail! Take a look back at these and other changes:

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New ways to be more effective were also introduced this year, including the following features:

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And that’s a wrap! Be sure to keep an eye on IST’s Google News to see what’s in store for next year, and learn the latest, tips, tricks and updates. And if you know someone that’s doing something cool with Google on campus, send their info to and they might be featured in an upcoming article!