CCID Authorized Approvers

CCID Authorized Approvers (AA) play a key role at the University because they help manage CCIDs within their departments.

What can a CCID AA do?

  • Reset CCID passwords for members of their department or faculty
  • Create and maintain Secondary CCIDs
  • Issue temporary network IDs
  • Create and manage Google Groups

For more information on CCID Authorized Approvers, please contact IST or your department administration.

How can my department request a new CCID AA?

The required forms to request Authorized Approver status are under the Authorized Approvers heading here.

Google Groups

Google Groups provide a way to share resources or communicate with multiple people using a single email address. In Identity and Access Management (IAM), AAs will now have the ability to create and manage Google Groups without having to be an owner/member of the group.

The new IAM will also provide more capability for managing Google Groups, including new group types and self serve capabilities for instructors and researchers. 

Why are certain people in, or not in my Google Group?

For more information on who is or isn’t in your group, please contact us.