Software + Hardware

Standard operating systems and standard software support

Standard OS + Software Support

Support for this service includes upgrades and patches, software packaging and distribution, manual installation of software, troubleshooting, licenses management, and OnTheHub assistance.


OnTheHub Assistance

Access and purchase discounted software titles for students, staff, faculty and researchers through our online software portal OnTheHub.

Technology Requirements

Technology for Remote Learning - For Students

Most Fall 2020 classes will be taught online, where you’ll connect with your instructors and peers through video, and engage in online discussions. Be ready with the tech you need.

Our Service Delivery

IST’s service delivery model is centered around remote delivery of services and access to self service resources. Support requests will be responded to through remote access tools that allow support requests to be responded to from anywhere and more expeditiously. 

Visit the Staff Service Centre to access IT support and services.

We will visit onsite only for those requests that cannot be resolved remotely.

Standard Operating Systems + Software Support

Standard OS & Software Support

Support for this service includes upgrades and patches, software packaging and distribution, manual installation of software, troubleshooting, licenses management, and OnTheHub assistance.

Maintaining and Updating the Standard Software List and Package: IST will assess the clients’ needs and maintain a standard software list that represents the most commonly used in the University. We will monitor the operating system releases from vendors to maintain an up-to-date and secure operating system for University workstations.

Software Packaging and Distribution: We will package commonly used software and make them available for self-serve: these packages can either be ‘pushed’ to client computers or made available for users to install without granting administration access.

Manual installation of non-packaged Software: For less commonly used software or software that doesn’t support packaging, we will install it on the individual user’s computer manually (via remote support). Non-standard software will be installed as exceptions with the approval of an authorized approver of the user's unit. Upgrade and updates to this software will be done upon the user's request.

Upgrades/patches: We will manage the upgrade and updates of the packaged software and operating systems, including the timing and schedule to limit the impacts on a user's work. For standard software and operating systems, the updates can be pushed to the user's computer automatically.

Troubleshooting: We support the standard software and Operating System and will investigate malfunctions, determine the root causes, and fix them for users. We will not support or maintain outdated Operating Systems or non-standard software.

Licenses management: We manages the volume licenses of the Operating System (Windows) and productivity suite (MS Office).

Licensing Models: When purchasing software be sure to pay careful attention to licensing models as these can pose challenges during installation and for use. Some servers have license software requirements in which IST can provide a license manager for assistance. Note that this adds time to the install process, and may come with associated fees. Things to Look Out For:

  • Authorization to use - Be sure to read the software’s Terms & Conditions. Some freeware software may have educational versions, but ultimately, cannot be installed on certain machines (i.e. VMs)
  • Licensing per seat - Some licensing models on software require one license per seat. For example, if you need software installed in a room with 10 computers, you are required to have 10 licenses.

OnTheHub Assistance

Access discounted software titles for students, staff, faculty and researchers through our online software portal  OnTheHub . To access software, you must be a member of the University of Alberta community with access to your UAlberta email account.

Visit OnTheHub

OnTheHub - Commonly Asked Questions

Who is eligible?
This is a standard service provided to all IST supported clients.
What are the support hours?

This service will be available during standard University business hours:

  • Summer Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Winter Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 pm to 4:30 pm
What is not included?

Software packaging and distribution is not available for non-domain clients.

IST will not purchase software or manage updates of non-packaged software.

Updating non-packaged software is by client request only.

IST will not train users on how to use standard software (including MS Office).

IST will not troubleshoot non-standard software and outdated operating systems (ones not supported by manufactures).

We will not manage licenses of Adobe products or other non-standard software.

For software obtained through OnTheHub, IST will not install software for users, unless it is a case that falls under the ‘Manual installation of non-packaged Software’ service. IST will also not do the initial sign up for OnTheHub and claim of Relationship to Institution (which is self-serve).

Who can use OnTheHub?
As a student, faculty or staff member at the University of Alberta, you are automatically able to access software from OnTheHub! Software downloaded for use at home must abide by the Information Technology Use and Management Policy which states that software must be used for university-related purposes only, not for personal use.
How do I use OnTheHub?
All you need is your CCID! We recommend creating an account through Once you have an account, you can begin to shop and download the software you need. For additional help, view our how-to guide on accessing software through OnTheHub.
What software is available from OnTheHub?
A wide range of popular and course specific software titles are available through OnTheHub’s online portal including Adobe Creative Cloud, Camtasia, Microsoft Office, Maple, MATLAB, Chemdraw and more!
What if software I need is not available through OnTheHub?

If a commercial software title you wish to purchase is not available here, it must be purchased independently. IST can assist with the installation and configuration. Contact us indicating what the software is and where you’d like it installed. Please note that a lead time of 5 business days is required, and charges may apply.

Microsoft applications through Microsoft Azure Dev Tools may be available free of charge for instructional purposes. Rules and restrictions apply, and are determined on a case by case basis. Contact IST to learn more.

How do I pay for items from OnTheHub?

Pay for software purchases by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, university corporate credit card or indent/speedcode.

Accepted methods of payment will vary depending on individual licensing agreements and your relationship with the university (student, faculty or staff). You can find payment details under individual software pages in our OnTheHub store.

Please note that many software and apps intended for staff/faculty office or at home work use must be purchased with a university corporate credit card or with an indent/speedcode. In other words, the funds must come from a faculty or department of the University of Alberta.

When do I receive my software purchase?
Once your purchase has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours from OnTheHub with post order instructions and a license key.
I'm having trouble downloading/installing software. What should I do?

If you're having trouble downloading or installing software, we're here to help. Here are a few suggestions for a seamless experience:

  • Use your university email address for registration and for receipt of software confirmations
  • When upgrading software, uninstall the old software version to prevent any complications or error messages
  • When installing software, ensure you use the correct license key with the correct version of software

If you are still having troubles, contact us through the Staff Service Centre.

Update eligibility and access: The client’s role with the University (student, staff, or faculty) determines their accessibility to various software. Clients can select their role when registering for an OnTheHub account.

When clients need to change their role, or when clients need two roles (e.g. student and staff), IST will facilitate these changes.

Some software requires additional authorization after purchasing the license. IST will verify the client’s Relationship to Institution and add the user to the software portal and provide the authorization.

Uploading software and licenses: IST will assess clients’ requests for software and determine what to offer through OnTheHub. We will quote and negotiate pricing with the software vendor, purchase the licenses, and make the software available for purchase through OnTheHub.

Reporting on the purchase and charging clients: Staff and faculty can purchase software through their department's budget by using their departmental speedcode. IST will generate purchase reports and charge the departments.

Hardware Vendors

The University and IST have established preferred purchasing agreements with particular vendors to provide superior value through competitive pricing, streamlined delivery cycles and efficient processing on a selection of standard configurations. Staff and students are welcome to use these preferred vendors to receive reduced prices on selected products and equipment—for work and home use!

We encourage and strongly recommend using standard devices, and we provide the list of standards for desktops, laptops and associated hardware.

View List of Standard Hardware Equipment

Apple Education Pricing

Apple products provide the superior performance, reliability and design you count on for the ultimate school experience. Shop with us and you're guaranteed an exemplary Apple product and extra perks like gift cards or additional discounts. 

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'For Endpoint Computer/hardware requests and quotes, please submit a ticket here' with the URL to our ticketing system added, specifically the new computing request form:

Telus Mobile Phones

University of Alberta staff get exclusive discounts from TELUS! Discover the latest home and mobility options and start saving. Find more information on TELUS’ exclusive partner discounts or reach out to the TELUS support team at or 1-844-888-4440.

TELUS Exclusive Partner Discounts

Printing Vendors

Large Format Printing

Access large format printing services through the Technology Training Centre. Located in Cameron Library, room B-11, Campus Design & Print Solutions is able to produce everything you need from research posters, to display stands, wall mounts, as well as full installations.

Visit Campus Design + Print Solutions

OneCard Printing

Print with your ONEcard all around campus! ONEcard printing can be found in many labs and libraries for your convenience.

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Other Printing Vendors