Connect to WiFi

Connect to WiFi

Get connected and get moving. Whether you’re at any of our five campuses, travelling through an LRT station, or located in an Alberta Health Services (AHS) facility, choose from a range of connectivity options and you’ll have instant wireless access.

Connect to UWS

What wireless options are available at the University?
UWS, Guest@UofA, and Eduroam are all available wireless connection options depending on your relationship to the University.
What is UWS?

UWS is your main connection to the university’s wireless service on campus. Connect with your CCID and you'll have instant Internet access no matter what University building you’re in. UWS can also be accessed on City of Edmonton LRT platforms, and in some AHS hospital locations.

Connect to UWS

How do I report a poor wireless connection?
If you’re having trouble connecting to any of our wireless options, contact us by email at or call 780-492-9400.
What do I do if I’m having trouble connecting to wireless in my residence room?
Contact Resident Internet Support at if you're having troubles with Internet connection in your residence room.
What is Guest@UofA?
If you’re a university visitor and don’t have a CCID, use our Guest@UofA free wireless connection to check email, participate in conferences or browse the web. Note: This is a limited resource and is not intended for those with a CCID.


If you are working off campus, Eduroam provides internet access for students and staff visiting participating partner institutions around Edmonton and globally.

How do I connect to Eduroam at the University of Alberta?

If you’re joining us from another university, or working away from the University of Alberta, Eduroam provides Internet access for students and staff visiting participating partner institutions globally.

Connect to Eduroam

How do I connect to Eduroam at Edmonton Public Libraries

Eduroam is now available at EPL! As a staff or student at the University of Alberta, you can connect to Eduroam if you are in the vicinity of an EPL branch and need secure, reliable wireless internet.

To use this service, select Eduroam from the list of available wireless networks and connect using your UAlberta email address and password.

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Where can I find locations to connect to Eduroam?

Eduroam has a companion app for mobile phones that shows you where eduroam is available:


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