FoMD Lifesaver Debate


In the annual FoMD Lifesaver Debate we imagine that a catastrophic event has wiped out most of humanity and the survivors (the audience) must set sail off to rebuild society. Only one final seat remains on the life raft and five FoMD members will each argue that their discipline is the one indispensable area of study that the new civilization will need to survive. 

This entertaining and informative debate will bring together faculty members in a lighthearted yet competitive battle of academic wit. The winner of the debate will be invited back the subsequent year to host the next debate.

Hosted by: Lifesaver Debate Medical Student Organization Team & Office of Advocacy and Wellbeing

Check back in for information on the 2025 Lifesaver Debate towards the end of 2024.  


2024 Lifesaver Debate

Congrats to the 2024 winner: Dr. Judith Eversely

At our 3rd annual event you will help to choose which of our speakers deserves the final spot on a team to find the cure for the zombie's and rebuild society? Come hear the FOMD members make their cases. 


 HOST: Dr William Stokes, 2023 Winner


Dr Safee Rashiq, Anesthesia
Dr Joseph Abrahams, Family Medicine
Rhonda Pouliot, Medical Laboratory Sciences Program Director
Dr Judith Eversley, R4 Obstetrics


2023 Lifesaver Debate

Congratulations to our 2023 debate winner: Dr. William Stokes


HOST: Dr Eniola Salami, Family Medicine - 2022 winner 


Dr. Sanja Kostov, Family Medicine
Dr. Quinn McLellan, PGY1 Anesthesia
Dr. Melanie Lewis, Pediatrics
Dr. William Stokes, Lab Med & Pathology
Alexandra Sheppard, Professor of Dental Hygeine 


2022 Lifesaver Debate 

Congrats to the 2022 winner: Dr. Eniola Salami                


HOST: Dr. Melanie Lewis


Dr. Shereen Hamza, Physiology
Dr. Lynora Saxinger, Infectious Diseases
Dr. Darryl Rolfson, Geriatrics
Dr. Blaine Aucoin, Dentistry
Dr. Keith Rourke, Urology
Dr. Eniola Salami, Family Medicine