Winter 2022 Final Exam Workspaces

With a mix of online and in-person classes for the Winter 2022 term, some students will need access to space that is appropriate for attending online final exams while on campus. There are two options: drop-in space and bookable space. 

Drop-in Space

All of the spaces listed below are available on a drop-in basis. All workspaces are considered “quiet zones” during the final exam period to allow for silent study or remote exams.

Students can also access other common areas such as the Students' Union Building (SUB), Central Academic Building (CAB), and HUB Mall. Wherever you choose to work, please be aware of crowding, noise levels, and specified noise zones in locations such as libraries. 

Bookable Space

In some cases, it may be critical for students to book a private room ahead of time. The spaces listed below can be booked in advance and are suitable for individual students or small groups.

Bookable Study Rooms

Number of spaces

ECHA - 1st and 2nd floor

These rooms may only be booked
for up to four hours at a time.

ECHA 1-121
EHCA 1-125
ECHA 1-144
ECHA 1-148
ECHA 2-131
ECHA 2-135



Book Here

Humanities Centre - 3rd & 4th floor

These rooms may only be booked
for up to four hours at a time.

HC 3-47
HC 4-78
HC 4-96



Book Here

Various Library Locations

Library study rooms are available 
for booking by all students and can
be booked up to 7 days in advance.

If you need a room for longer than
the default 2 hour booking period,
please ask us.

Study rooms Varies by library

Some study rooms
have computers; powered

Book Here


If I need to participate in video calls, are there computers with webcams available?
The designated computers in the Cameron Library Knowledge Common are equipped with webcams that can be used for participating in video calls if you bring your own headset.
I have a midterm scheduled for an online class and need a space to write it on campus. Where can I go?
There are a number of temporary workspaces that are designated for writing exams (see the list here). There are also a limited number of spaces that can be booked ahead of time (these are listed in the table above).
Do I need to bring my own computer?
Most workspaces are not equipped with computers. There are a small number of workspaces listed in the table above that have available computers (these are specified in the Number of Spaces column).
Can I participate in my classes by speaking out loud? Or are these spaces designated as quiet zones?
The spaces listed above are designated as Collaborative Zones so you can participate in your classes out loud.
Can I reserve space ahead of time?
The majority of the temporary workspaces are drop-in only. If you need to reserve a space ahead of time, you can choose one of the bookable spaces. There are fewer bookable spaces available so these should be reserved in advance.