In Fall 2019, the University of Alberta launched a Workforce Diversity Census to assess progress towards achieving an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workforce. Individualized data collected in the voluntary survey remains confidential, and publicly reported results must only be presented in the aggregate so as not to risk the identification of any one individual. The UofA totals are viewable in this report.

For the Faculty of Arts, total respondents were around 58.9 percent of employees, which includes faculty members, staff, APO, and ATS. The percentage of faculty-member respondents was 61.3 percent. Figure 1 illustrates the demographic data pertaining to equity-deserving, faculty-member respondents in the Faculty of Arts and the wider university. The data suggests that Arts is outperforming the University overall when it comes to recruiting and retaining equity-deserving faculty-members; with the ‘visible minority’ group the outlier. This provides the Faculty a good foundation to build upon, while offering a strong reminder that EDI work cannot be shouldered by only a few and must be iterative. 

 The data from this graphic is available here.