CEDI: Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Co-Chair: Natalie Loveless will be Associate Dean (EDI) effective July 1, 2023. She is currently serving as Interim Chair of the Department of Drama, and she is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art & Design

Co-Chair: Marie Carrière is serving as Associate Dean (Research) as well as Co-Chair of the Arts Working Group for Indigenous Initiatives. She is a Professor in the Department of English and Film Studies.

Ben Dyson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology. His research focuses on the behavioural and electrophysiological correlates of decision-making and has a special interest in Empirical EDI

Corrinne Harol is a Professor in the Department of English and Film Studies, specializing in eighteenth-century British literature and culture. She has written on issues of consent and conflict of interest in the context of sexual violence, served on the EFS committee on the sexual violence policy, and serves on the Committee on Harassment of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. She is also advisor to the EFS Graduate Student Wellness Centre and tries in all her committee work to prioritize student experiences, especially on EDI issues. 

Maryam Moshaver is an Associate Professor in the Department of Music. Her research focuses on the history of music theory and its intersections with philosophy and aesthetics, the interfaces of music and poetry, and phenomenology. She currently serves on the editorial board of Music Theory Spectrum

Marilene Oliver is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art & Design. Dr. Oliver's art practice is situated at a crossroads between new digital technologies, traditional print and sculpture, their finished objects bridging the virtual and the real worlds. Dr. Oliver uses various scanning technologies, such as MRI and CT to reclaim the interior of the body and create art works that allow us to materially contemplate our increasingly digitised selves. Their work is held in a number of private collections around the world as well as a number of public collections such as The Wellcome Trust, Victoria and Albert Museum and Knoxville Museum of Art. Dr. Oliver also the hosts LASERAlberta, a public series of art and science events.

Krystl Raven is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of History, Classics and Religion.

Keisha Marsh is the Governance and Administration Executive Assistant to the Vice-Dean in the Faculty of Arts Office of the Dean

Alisha Banerji 

Rachel Zukiwski