University of Alberta Symphony Orchestra: Speak in the light

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Adult | $20

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University of Alberta Symphony Orchestra: Speak in the light

December 4, 2022
2:00 PM | Convocation Hall

The University of Alberta Symphony Orchestra reverses the effects of the shortening winter daylight by taking you on a journey from darkness toward light. We open the concert with They do not shimmer, a work by Edmonton's own Emilie LeBel, that paints a soundscape of the solitude experienced in the vast swaths of the North American landscapes. Van Beethoven's Lenore 3 Overture tells a story of a quest for freedom that starts in the darkness of a prison dungeon and culminates with an effervescent celebration of casting off chains. Brahms First Symphony will end the concert with its own take on journey from gloomy anguish, across Elysian pastures, toward exuberantly victorious grand finale. Miss this occasion at your own risk!

Petar Dundjerski | Director

This concert is a part of the Department of Music's 2022-2023 "Department of Music Presents" Series.

Emilie Cecilia LeBel | They do not shimmer like the dry grasses on the hills, or the leaves on the trees

Ludwing van Beethoven | Leonore 3 Overture


Johannes Brahms | Symphony No. 1

  1. Sustained then Fast
  2. Sustained walking pace
  3. Moving gracefully
  4. Slow - Faster - Faster yet - FASTEST!

View the full concert program here.

They Do Not Shimmer ... | Emilie LeBel

Program note by Emilie LeBel:

“... and how the structures we make are static and not all that complex. They do not shimmer like the dry grasses on the hills, or the leaves on the trees. There are not as many examples in the city of the impossibly far and the impossibly close...”

–Sheila Heti, Motherhood

This work is a contemplation on a period of time where I was untethered to a specific place, and of the solitude experienced in the vast swaths of the North American landscapes that I traversed over the past three years: the open, lonely vistas of the Canadian Prairies, Northern Ontario, Montana, and the American Midwest.

University of Alberta Symphony Orchestra 2022-2023

  • Margaret Hornett
    Principal in Brahms/Beethoven
  • Linda Shin
    Principal in LeBel
  • Lloyd Ramirez
  • Rianna Burgess
  • Beth Levia
  • Justine Dennis
    Principal in Brahms/Beethoven
  • Brianna Bolt
    Principal in LeBel
  • Matthew Howatt
  • Matthew Nickel
    Principal in Brahms/Beethoven
  • Daryl Price
    Principal in LeBel
French Horn:
  • Setareh Rezazadeh
    Principal in Brahms
  • Erin Anderson
    Principal in LeBel
  • Alyssa De’Ath
  • Alicia Krips
  • Lisa White
    Principal in Beethoven
  • Sydney Flaherty
    Principal in Brahms
  • Jordan Nahamko
    Principal in LeBel
  • Matthew Sullivan
    Principal in Beethoven
  • Paxton Atrens
  • Isaac Friesen
  • Sabina Fassbender
    bass trombone
  • Maddy Wagner
    Brahms/Beethoven (timpani)
  • Will Nguyen
    Brahms (timpani)
Violin 1:
  • Jay Hansen
    Concertmaster/Principal second in Beethoven
  • Mikaela Olson
  • Pin Wen Chen
    also Principal second in LeBel
  • Ruogu Chen
  • Ken Heise
  • Raphael Jahnaert
  • Cynthia Johnston
  • Jessica Ortleib
  • Xiaoshan Pan
  • Esther Yao
Violin 2:
  • Anna Vlasova
    Principal second in Brahms
  • Shang An
  • Natalia Antepli
  • Jiaxin Liu
  • Rayna McFeetors
  • Grace Oh
  • Alissa Reichelt
  • Lexi Rudrum
  • D’arci Sutton
  • Yining Yang
  • Lena Yune
  • Michele Moroz
    Principal in Beethoven/LeBel
  • Savannah Seibel
    Principal in Brahms
  • Christopher Aitken
  • Mora Clarke
  • Edward Na
    Principal in Brahms/Beethoven
  • Melissa Lenk
    Principal in LeBel
  • Zoe Kruschke
  • Adrian Rys
  • Joshua Ching
Double Bass:
  • Kai James
  • Rob Aldridge
  • Petar Dundjerski

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