Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship (AI GSS)

The Alberta Advanced Education, in partnership with Alberta Innovates invests in the support of academically superior graduate students undertaking full-time research education at an Alberta university, leading to a research-based Master's or Doctoral degree.

The Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarships program (GSS) is designed to enable these promising students to succeed in Emerging Technology Areas of scientific research which are strategically important to Alberta. These areas are: Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (AMM) in and of themselves or which additionally support the innovation priority areas of Environment, Energy, Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Health.

Learn more about the emerging technology areas.


Alberta Innovates funding is available to successful applicants as full scholarships. Tri-Council Scholarships (Doctoral and Master's), China Scholarship Council and other external award holders who win an Alberta Innovates GSS will receive a top-up for the duration of their eligibility, and this top up value may increase to the full scholarship value when the external funding ends, for the remainder of the Alberta Innovates scholarship terms, if applicable.

Master's full value: $26,000
PhD full value: $31,000
Top-up value: $12,000

Scholarship terms vary from one to four years, depending on the circumstances of the applicant.

Note: This award can be held concurrently with Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship (AGES).


Eligible applicant requirements:

  • There are no citizenship restrictions on this award.
  • A minimum of 3.5 GPA is an eligibility requirement for all applicants. The GPA will be calculated based on the current graduate program graded course work at the University of Alberta, or, if a student is newly admitted, the admission GPA (AGPA) will be used to determine eligibility.
  • Students applying for a master's level Alberta Innovates GSS must have been admitted to their master's program no earlier than Spring 2023.
  • Students applying for a doctoral level Alberta Innovates GSS must have been admitted to their doctoral program no earlier than Spring 2021. This includes any time spent in a master’s program (if transferred from master’s to doctoral program). 
  • Areas of study and research must fall into the categories funded by Alberta Innovates: Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (AMM). Further explanation of the eligible Emerging Technology Areas of Research can be found HERE.
  • Each candidate must be sponsored by a faculty supervisor, possessing both a record of productive research within an Alberta Innovates-funded research area (ICT and AMM) and sufficient resources to ensure the satisfactory conduct of the research.
  • For those not yet registered in a graduate program at UAlberta, your eligibility to apply for the Alberta Innovates GSS is contingent upon meeting all eligibility requirements for admission to a UAlberta graduate program. Applicants are to contact their prospective department for information on those requirements.
  • Students cannot simultaneously hold and/or receive more than a total of four years of combined master’s/doctoral support from Alberta Innovates (across all programs). This includes support from the Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship, Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship for Data-Enabled Innovation, the Alberta Innovates Graduate Studentship (Health), and the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit (AbSPORU) Graduate Studentships.

Additional details can be found in the 2024-25 Alberta Innovates GSS Program Guidelines and Handbook.

Application Procedures

Departments are no longer required to review applications and submit eligible nominees to GPS. Rather, students must apply directly to GPS via the GSMS Awards Portal.

Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship (AI GSS) Memo

A complete application includes:

1. Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship Application Form - for questions related to the content of each section, students are encouraged to seek advise from their program supervisor(s) or department.

Students may also refer to the Tips & Tools for a Successful Scholarship Application located under Award Resources webpage.

2. Up-to-date Transcripts of the applicant's complete academic record (this includes all undergraduate and graduate studies, completed or ongoing):

a. Unofficial U of A transcript (can be obtain from BearTracks) that shows current term registration (i.e. Winter 2024).

b. Copies of OFFICIAL transcripts from all other post-secondary institutions attended, if applicable. This includes (but is not limited to):
- all other Canadian and foreign transcripts (i.e. show all coursework and grades, and conferral of any degrees)
- all transfer credit transcripts (even if they were transferred to this university)
- all transcripts of incomplete work/non-degree study/qualifying years, etc
- one copy of the legend (reverse of each transcript) must be included
- transcript text must be horizontal and uploaded in order from least recent to most recent.
It is the applicant’s sole responsibility to submit all required transcripts. GPS will NOT provide copies of transcripts (including foreign transcripts) to either departments or students.

3. Two Letters of Reference. Referees must complete their assessments using the Google Form. Students are responsible for providing this link to their referees, and the documents necessary for them to write their respective letters.

Applicants should contact their referees well in advance and follow up with their referees to ensure the form is submitted by the deadline. GPS will NOT ACCEPT any late references and no exceptions.


  • It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that their application package is complete in every respect before submitting to GPS via GSMS Awards portal. Incomplete nominations, including those submitted with missing transcripts and missing signatures or pages, will not be considered.
  • Applicants must follow the instructions on how to Apply for Award under Students GSMS Resrouces located under Award Resources webpage.
  • Successfully submitted application shows a status of Under Review. This indicates that you have submitted your application to GPS.
  • Applications that are in status of Application in Progress by the appliaction deadline will be considered incomplete.
  • Once the application is submitted via GSMS awards portal, NO revisions will be permitted.  GPS will not follow up regarding applications that are incomplete and the application will automatically be deemed ineligible.
Adjudication Procedures

University of Alberta Review Procedure and Selection Criteria

GPS will review all applications for eligibility and completeness and forward them to the Graduate Scholarship Committee (GSC) for adjudication. The GSC will evaluate the applicants based on excellence and strategic alignment in emerging technology areas of scientific research which are strategically important to Alberta. These areas are: Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (AMM) in and of themselves or which additionally support the innovation priority areas of Environment, Energy, Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Health.

Alberta Innovates Evaluation Process

Alberta Innovates will then review applications forwarded by the universities for alignment with Government of Alberta, Alberta Innovates, and Post-Secondary Investments and Emerging Technologies (PSIET) priorities. The applicant must clearly articulate in the application how the results of the research can produce potential environmental, health, economic, social and other impacts for Alberta.

Additionally, applicants must articulate in the application regarding how they will engage with industry in their graduate studies, and how they will develop their professional skills during the project.

All applications are reviewed and evaluated to determine fit with the Graduate Student Scholarship program objectives and intended outcomes. Alberta Innovates staff and external expert reviewers are engaged to evaluate Applications.

All investment decisions are at the sole discretion of Alberta Innovates.

For details, refer to the current AI GSS Program Guidelines.


Deadline for students to directly submit applications via GSMS awards portal and referees to submit letters via Google Form is TBA.

Please refer to the above application procedures for important information.

Due to high volume of applications we expect to receive, we highly recommend students to submit their application a few days prior the deadline to avoid any technical issue. GPS will NOT ACCEPT any late applications and no exceptions.

Additional Information

Students who have been awarded an Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship are required to submit their final report at the end of the funding term. The final report can be found in the student’s Alberta Innovates account.

For more information, complete eligibility and binding rules for holding Alberta Innovates GSS, please see the Alberta Innovates GSS Program Guidelines and Handbook, which can be found on Alberta Innovates website.

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