Control Rooms



  • Five control rooms of varying size and capacity, two-four people

Special Features:

  • Comprehensive system records multiple feeds digitally, handles annotation and debriefing, integrates with multiple types of simulators and builds searchable participant portfolios automatically
  • Manages users, provides tools for scenario and checklist creation and generates multiple types of usage, session and aggregate reports, all from 100% web-based interface
  • Able to centralize data from multiple simulation activities and unify remote and portable simulation sites within a single web-based portal, creating opportunities for research


Each dedicated control room has:

  • 66 cm (26") display monitor
  • Signal processing, routing and distribution processor
  • Speech reinforcement/audio conferencing system
  • Camera control systems

    Potential Educational and Research Activities

    These rooms house technical control for the Universal Patient Room, Critical Care Room, Specialized Care Suite, Multi-Purpose Labs/Black Box Theatre, SMART Condo™ and the Immersive lab. Support video and audio recording/capture of activities is available in each of these areas.