Exam Procedure Proctor and Monitor Room



  • 34m2
    Proctor room: Capacity 2
    Monitor room: Capacity 12

Special Features:

  • Digital management and operations of the clinical skills center enables instructors to create, administer, record and score clinical skills encounters with standardized patients and simulators
  • Offers a paperless event flow allowing participants access to case instructions, lab results, physical exam findings, etc., as well as complete post-encounter notes online
  • Located in secured area


  • Proctor Room
    • computer station, two chairs
  • Monitor Room
    • 12 computer stations


  • Four - 132 cm (52") LDC monitors (Proctor)
  • 24 - 48 cm (19") LDC monitors (monitor room)
  • PC's, intercom, paging, headphones and telephones

Potential Educational and Research Activities

The Proctor Room functions as the Master Control Center allowing users to view all testing and assessment / recording activity in the center via a single interface. The Control Center application is also used for configuring the center for examination events and automated recording. Digital recording may be triggered automatically by participant log in.

The Monitor Room application allows any of the 24 computers in this area to become powerful and flexible monitoring stations. Users may toggle between video feeds from multiple rooms, control the pan/tilt/zoom of any camera in the center, make audio announcements, and fill out monitor checklists from a single screen.

The Monitor/Proctor system is web-based, facilitating off-site live streaming and delayed playback.