Multi-Purpose Lab



  • 125m2 (1345 sq ft)

Special Features:

  • A descending room divider can create acoustical isolation
  • Curtains can be used to subdivide room into four spaces
  • Can be connected to the immersive lab, allowing for all staging aspects of a major disaster
  • Two independently functioning control rooms


While the flexibility of this space will be maintained there is some fixed equipment:

  • Four headwalls with operational gasses to support four concurrent simulations
  • Electrical raceway around the perimeter of the lab
  • Ceiling-mounted receptacles in the piped framework
  • The opening ceiling accommodates specialty lighting and additional structure for hanging medical equipment


  • Input Sources
    • IP based PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras at each of four stations
  • Sound
    • Ceiling mounted loudspeakers located in each lab
    • Ceiling mounted boundary style microphone located for each of four stations
  • B-Line Medical SimCapture Technology
  • Revo-Mics (wireless 2-way voice devices that facilitate the flow of information between off-stage faculty in a control or observation room and on-stage Embedded Simulated Persons, aka "Confederates")
  • Additional
    • Christie LW650 projector and retractable screen

Potential Educational and Research Activities

This team-based training laboratory can simulate any large-scale care environment (e.g., crash scene, hospital ward during a disease pandemic). The space can be divided to create four smaller spaces allowing concurrent activities. (e.g., bootcamps for specialities such as surgery, emergency, critical care, and team challenges).