Support Staff Personal Spending Account

The Personal Spending Account (PSA) can be used to cover the cost of personal wellness related expenses.

Your eligibility

Expenses incurred for your dependents are not eligible under this plan; only expenses incurred for the employee are eligible under the PSA.

Eligible support staff receive an allocation $1,250 to divide between their PSA and their Health Spending Account (HSA) during the open enrollment period, which occurs within the fall term. If a staff member takes no action, returns from a leave, or is hired after the open enrollment dates, a default amount of $250 for PSA and $1,000 for HSA will be allocated between the Spending Account Allocations for the calendar year. Allocate your 2022 accounts

The annual $250 credit allocation is not prorated. You are eligible for the full amount.

If your term of employment ends prior to the end of the calendar year, you are still eligible to receive the full amount, but your expenses must have been incurred during the term of your employment with the University of Alberta.

When you end your employment your participation in the HSA plan ends at that time. Expenses must be submitted for reimbursement by March 31st of the year following the year the expense was incurred to be eligible for payment.

PSA reimbursements are subject to income tax as required by the Canada Revenue Agency. After your claim is approved and reimbursed to you, Sun Life reports the amount of the reimbursement to Human Resource Services, who will apply the applicable tax deduction to an upcoming paycheque.

Eligible Expenses

Educational and Personal Development
  • Tuition fees for university, college or continuing education (includes books and supplies)
  • Language training
  • Tutoring
  • Professional membership fees or dues
  • Fees associated with maintaining a professional designation
  • Hobby and general interest classes
  • Personal computer (e.g., desktop or laptop) and accessories, including internet access fees
  • Mobile PDA devices (e.g., cell phone, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry)
Fitness Equipment
  • Durable equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes and universal gym
  • Skates, roller blades, bicycles, specialized athletic footwear, tennis racquets, golf clubs, safety helmets and specialized sports equipment (excludes running shoes)
  • Fitness club memberships
Fitness-Related Services
  • Registration fees for fitness-related programs or lessons, (e.g., aerobic classes, dance lessons)
  • Sports team memberships and registration fees
  • Annual memberships (e.g., golf)
  • Court fees, green fees, ski passes, lift tickets and race registrations
  • Personal trainers, fitness consultants, lifestyle consultants and exercise physiologists
Green Living
  • Coverage for monthly transit passes
Health-Related Services
  • Weight management programs (excluding food)
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Nutrition programs and counselling
  • Maternity services (prenatal classes and services of a certified Doula)
  • Services of alternative health practitioners (e.g., reflexologist, iridologist, herbalist, homeopath, athletic therapist, Chinese medical practitioner, Shiatsu therapist)
  • Stress management programs
  • Cholesterol and hypertension screening
  • First aid and CPR training
  • Health assessments
  • Vitamins and supplements, including herbal products
  • Other alternative wellness services: Reiki, Ayurvedic medicine, touch therapy, Rolfing and light therapy
Insurance Premiums
  • Insurance premiums paid for Critical Illness, Life Insurance and Long Term Care
Work-Life Balance
  • Child Care expenses
  • Elder Care expenses

How to Make a Claim

Direct billing from your PSA is not available. Make a claim to Sun Life using the Personal Spending Account Claim Form.

Keep copies of your original receipts for 12 months in case you need to submit them.

The plan year for the PSA is the calendar year. Expenses must be submitted for reimbursement by March 31 of the year following the year the expense was incurred to be eligible for payment.

Unused amounts in your PSA at the end of the calendar year are forfeited.

Managing Your Health Spending Account

You can view the status and balance of your PSA using the Sun Life Member Services website or mobile app. The policy number for the PSA is 150434 and your employee number is your University ID.

Questions About Your Personal Spending Account

Contact the Sun Life Customer Care Centre for prompt answers to any questions you might have about your PSA at 1-800-361-6212. Further information about the Personal Spending Account is available through Member Services on the Sun Life website.