The McCalla Professorships

The McCalla Professors are outstanding academics who have made (and continue to make) significant contributions to the integration of teaching and research, and educational leadership. The professorship gives candidates an opportunity to further combine their teaching and research in ways that are mutually beneficial. For example, academics may propose a project that uses their disciplinary research to enrich their teaching in innovative ways and/or study the effectiveness of their novel teaching and learning methods. 

Any Continuing member of the professoriate at the University of Alberta (Categories A1(Schedule A - Academic Faculty Member; Schedule B - Faculty Service Officers (FSO) Member; Schedule C - Librarian; Schedule F - Administrative and Professional Officers (APO) Member); A2.1 Career, Term 12, Terms Recurring (Schedule D - Academic Teaching Staff (ATS) member)) may apply; normally, recipients will have achieved the rank of Associate Professor or equivalent.

Professorships are tenable at the University of Alberta for twenty-four (24) months beginning September 1. A McCalla Professorship can only be awarded once in a faculty member’s career. 

 See the University's McCalla Professorship webpage for more information.