Congratulations to Sarah De Lano and Hela Hammami

2 February 2024

We are happy to announce our 2023 Jan Chalk Contract Instructor Award recipients: Sarah DeLano, Spanish instructor, and Hela Hammami, French instructor.

Sarah DeLano:
Dr. Xavier Gutierrez, MLCS Spanish Language Program Coordinator commented: "It has been a pleasure to work with Sarah. She is the kind of instructor that anyone would want on their team: professional, committed, creative, and kind to her colleagues and students. Sarah is always generous with her time and makes meaningful and positive contributions to our team." Other instructors in the program describe her as "an excellent colleague and even better person", as someone who "effortlessly brings a positive and collaborative spirit to our work environment" and who "always makes you smile".

Hela Hammami:
As per her colleagues in the French language teaching team, Hela is an instructor who teaches from the heart. She is authentic, warm, caring, very hardworking, and has a great sense of humour. Hela pours herself into every class she teaches, no matter the level. She is the best example of a team member, always sharing ideas and encouragement, and consistently taking more of the load than falls to her. Hela treats her colleagues and her students with the greatest affection and respect, which reflects her genuine commitment to them and her passion for her work. We are lucky to have her in MLCS.
Thank you to Sarah and Hela for 10 years of dedication!