Request an Individual Study or Directed Reading

This form is used to request the creation of an individual study course. Before you complete this form, an instructor must have agreed to provide you with an individual study. After you submit this form, our Undergraduate Advisor will confirm approval of the instructor and Director of Undergraduate Programs. Once approved, the course will be created and you will be registered.

Please access the form here. You must be logged into your UAlberta Gmail account to access this form. If you are also logged into a personal Google address, please log out.

Prerequisite Waiver & Co-requisite Authorization Request Form

Prerequisite Waiver & Co-requisite Authorization Request: Faculty of Arts - Humanities Division Form

Honors and Combined Honors Forms

MLCS Honors Thesis
Permission to Register form
ERA Student Agreement form
ERA Deposit form

MLCS Undergraduate Major and Honours Roadmaps

These roadmaps are not official convocation audits. Rather they are recommended pathways to plan your MLCS major. Requirements of your degree are governed by the Academic Calendar. Please use this tool in addition to the BA Tip Sheet and the Academic Requirements Tool (found in Beartracks) to track and confirm your degree. When studying a language, please be sure to refer to our placement information. If you're learning the language for the first time, you'll want to take the 111/112 course level right away in your first year, to be sure you have time to advance through the levels and complete any pre-requisites to later courses.

For help, please contact our Undergraduate Advisor, or the specific advisor listed on each roadmap.

Major and Honors Roadmaps