Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Visiting Scholars

Fulbright Scholar - Dr. Shifra Armon

Shifra Armon

Shifra Armon is Associate Professor of Spanish and Associate Chair at the University of Florida. She received the M.A. in Comparative Literature from the University of Chicago and the Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies from the Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. Armon is the sole author most recently, of Masculine Virtue in Early Modern Spain (Ashgate 2015). Her first book, Women and the Courtship Novel in Early Modern Spain came out with Rowman and Littlefield in 2002.  As Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Society and Culture at the University of Alberta during fall semester 2017 Dr. Armon will be preparing a manuscript entitled “Staging Curiosity: Skepticism and Science on the Spanish Stage, 1650-1750” and collaborating with U of A faculty across the disciplines. 


DAAD Visiting Student - Anna Seidel

 Anna Seidel


Anna Seidel earned a bachelor's degree in German studies and sociology, as well as a master's degree in cultural poetics and comparative arts, both from the University of Münster in Germany. Since 2014 she has been working as a research and teaching assistant with Prof. Moritz Baßler in Münster.

Anna is working on her PhD dissertation with the working title “Revue der Pop-Avantgarden”. In it she examines the works of contemporary German and Austrian pop bands (e.g. Tocotronic, Ja, Panik) and their relation to so-called historical and neo-avant-garde movements flowing in the area of tension between pop as an emancipatory matter, culture industry, fine arts and politics. Her research interests encompass mostly popular culture and feminisms. She is a co-editor of the journal testcard - Beiträge zur Popgeschichte.

Anna will be with us until September 28, 2017.