Vice-president reorganization

U of A organizational chart following vice-presidential portfolio reorganization. Click on the image to view PDF verson.

Please note: While the new organizational structure is effective immediately, changes will be implemented over time with completion by April 1, 2021.

Provost’s Office—Steven Dew, Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

  • The Provost’s Office will continue to have the same responsibilities for the academic functions of the university, but the reporting structure of the Provost’s office will change significantly.
  • Several current roles will now report to the Deputy Provost, reducing the number of direct reports to the Provost. These include:
    • Dean of Students, Dean of FGSR, Chief Librarian, Director of Faculty Relations
  • The new Student Services Centre will be under the responsibility of the Provost’s portfolio, with joint leadership from the Registrar and Dean of Students. 
  • Three joint reports move out of the Provost’s Office, simplifying reporting lines:
    • AVP HR now reports into VP USF
      • Faculty Relations remains in the Office of the Provost 
    • AVP Research Partnerships reports into VPRI 
    • AVP (IST) reports to VP USF
  • Two offices into the Provost’s Office from Finance and Administration and will report into the Deputy Provost:
    • Helping Individuals at Risk
    • Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights 
  • The number of deans reporting into the Provost will be dependent on the outcome of the academic restructuring process.


Provost and Vice-President (Academic) Steven Dew
Chief of Staff Kathleen Brough
Deputy Provost Wendy Rodgers
Vice-Provost and Dean of Students Andre Costopoulos
Vice-Provost and Dean, FGSR Brooke Milne
Vice-Provost, Library and Museums and Chief Librarian Dale Askey
Director of Faculty Relations Michelle Strong
Vice-Provost, Learning Initiatives John Nychka
Vice-Provost, Programs Tammy Hopper
Vice-Provost, Indigenous Programming and Research Florence Glanfield
Vice-Provost and University Registrar Melissa Padfield
Vice-Provost and AVP (International) Cen Huang

University Services and Finance—Todd Gilchrist, Vice-President

  • The Finance and Administration portfolio will now be called University Services and Finance to reflect changes in roles and responsibilities with a focus on administrative services, such as finance, human resources, and IT, as well as service delivery. Faculties and organizational units will now receive common, high-quality, professional services through this central portfolio. The University Services and Finance portfolio will be the home of the Staff Services Centre and the Transaction Processing Hub.
  • A new AVP Shared Services will be created with responsibility for:
    • Staff Services Centre
    • Transaction Processing Hub
    • Process improvement.
  • Two current units will be dismantled and roles and responsibilities will redistributed to other units within VP USF as well as Provost Office and VP F&O:
    • Risk Management Services 
    • Disclosure, Assurance and Institutional Research
  • Other changes include:
    • The current Vice-Provost and AVP Human Resource Services role has expanded responsibilities and these are reflected in a new title: AVP Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment. This role will now include Environment, Health and Safety (moved from Risk Management Services) and all safety related functions currently located in F&O. This position will now only report to VP USF, removing the joint report to the Provost’s Office.
    • The AVP Finance and Supply Management Services is renamed AVP Finance, Procurement and Planning, and will lead all procurement functions, including those from F&O, as well as Resource Planning and Insurance and Risk Assessment.
    • The Vice-Provost and AVP Information Services and Technology has a title change to AVP and Chief Information Officer but no change in responsibilities. This position will now only report to VP USF, removing the joint report to the Provost’s Office.
    • Internal Audit Services is renamed Internal Audit and Risk Management. The Executive Director of Internal Audit and Risk Management will take on the enterprise risk management responsibilities previously under Risk Management Services.
    • The Executive Director, Performance, Analytics and Institutional Research retains the strategic elements of the former Disclosure, Assurance and Institutional Research unit, including the data warehouse, effectively becoming a business intelligence unit for the whole university.
    • The Executive Lead SET becomes a formal report to the VP USF.
  • Three areas will move out of the portfolio: 
    • Responsibility for Helping Individuals at Risk, and Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights  will move into the Provost’s Office and will report into the Deputy Provost. 
    • University of Alberta Protective Services and Emergency Management responsibilities will be transferred to the F&O portfolio.

For more information on the VP USF reorganization, please visit the VP University Services and Finance reorganization page.


VP University Services and Finance Todd Gilchrist
Chief of Staff Charleen Schmidt
AVP Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment Tanya Wick
AVP Finance, Procurement and Planning Martin Coutts
AVP Shared Services Ria Ames
AVP and Chief Information Officer Mike MacGregor
Executive Director, Performance, Analytics and Institutional Research Deborah Williams
Executive Director of Internal Audit and Risk Management  Allen Amyotte
Executive Lead SET Rob Munro

Research and Innovation—Aminah Robinson Fayek, Vice-President

  • The VP Research and Innovation portfolio will retain its core functions and core leadership roles, with streamlined reporting lines.
  • There will continue to be three AVPs, Research, one for each of the broad research groupings of the university.
  • The newly titled AVP Research Partnerships will now report solely to VP RI (rather than jointly to the Provost) and will have continued oversight of the university’s institutes and research centres within their role.
  • The AVP Innovation will be retitled AVP Innovation and Commercialization to reflect an increased focus on commercialization in the institution. 
  • The Executive Director Research Services will replace the current Director Research Finance and Administration role and will be responsible for (but not limited to) research partners and research finance. This consolidates research services from across the university and enables a whole of U of A approach.


VP Research and Innovation Aminah Robinson Fayek
Chief of Staff Katharine Moore
AVP, Research Laura Beard
AVP, Research Alex Clark
AVP, Research Ania Ulrich (Acting)
AVP Research and Priority Initiatives Walter Dixon
AVP Research Partnerships Randy Goebel
AVP Innovation and Commercialization Deborah James
Executive Director Research Services Michael Walesiak
University Veterinarian Craig Wilkinson

External Relations—Elan MacDonald, Vice-President

  • The new VP External Relations portfolio will be formed through a merger of the University Relations and Advancement portfolios. This merger and the implementation of this new structure is occurring in January.
  • This portfolio will take on all functions currently housed in University Relations and Advancement, significantly bolstering the university’s marketing capability.
  • There will be four AVP roles:
    • AVP Marketing
    • AVP Strategic Communications
    • AVP Development and Alumni Relations
    • AVP Government and Community Relations

For more information on the VP ER reorganization, please visit the VP External Relations reorganization page.


VP External Relations Elan MacDonald
Chief of Staff Andrea Smith
Executive Coordinator Kyla Dahlgren
AVP Marketing Sonia Piano
AVP Strategic Communications Jennifer Pascoe
AVP Government and Community Relations Alexis Ksiazkiewicz
AVP Development and Alumni Relations Kelly Spencer
Executive Director, Alumni Relations Sean Price

Facilities and Operations—Andrew Sharman, Vice-President

  • Facilities and Operations will continue to focus on the core business of managing and improving the physical campus. While the core activities within the portfolio remain the same, some functions have been reorganized to take on new responsibilities.
  • The AVP Portfolio Delivery Services position will be dismantled with current responsibilities to be re-distributed to other AVP roles within VP F&O or VP USF.
  • Ancillary Services now is called Campus Services. The renamed AVP Campus Services has expanded responsibility over all current ancillary services (residences, parking, one card, and all retail food services) as well as other services that will be moving from other areas of the university. These include:
    • Bookstore
    • Campus Design and Print Solutions
    • Tech Training Centre
    • Pharmacy
  • A new AVP Support and Recreation Services will be established with leadership over the following:
    • Project Management and Transportation Services (currently in F&O)
    • Emergency Planning (moving from Risk Management Services)
    • U of A Botanic Garden (moving from ALES)
  • The AVP Asset Management and Operations role has an expanded scope including University of Alberta Protective Services, previously housed within the VP USF.


VP F&O Andrew Sharman
Chief of Staff Gordon Weighell
AVP Asset Management and Operations James Allen
AVP Utilities Mike Kohlenberg 
AVP Integrated Planning and Partnerships Lara McClelland
AVP Campus Services  Katherine Huising
AVP Support and Recreation Services Rob Pawliuk