Ethics Approval

Information for researchers about RESUMING HUMAN PARTICIPANT RESEARCH during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Research and Ethics Management Online (REMO) system is now called ARISE - The Alberta Research Information System.

Initially designed to support the Human Research Ethics Boards and Animal Care and Use Committees, the system now includes modules for NIH Conflict of Interest and Environment Health and Safety (Radiation, Chemical and Bio-safety).

To reflect the wider uses of the system, REMO will be renamed ARISE - The Alberta Research Information System. The rebranding will not affect how you use the system. The web address will be changed, however will be redirected to the new web address (from "" to "").

All research involving human subjects conducted by members of the Department of Medicine (DoM) must be approved by the Health Research Ethics Board (HREB) prior to the study beginning. This ensures that appropriate steps are taken to protect the rights and welfare of humans participating as subjects in a research study.

Please visit the ARISE support site on getting started, for online help, and to access the forms cabinet.

For more information:

Application Process

Please note: An internal review is conducted by the DoM prior to your application going forward to HREB. The DoM does not grant ethical approval for studies. The body that grants ethical approval is the HREB.

Below outlines the steps which are necessary for obtaining Department Approval for Ethics Applications:

  1. The PI completes and signs an "Ethics Internal Approval Request Form" and uploads the signed version to ARISE in subsection 11.0 Other Documents under section 7.1 Documents.
    1. Be sure to read and answer each point carefully.
  2. After submitting your application, the DoM Internal Reviewer receives and reviews the ARISE application and either requests changes or issues approval.
  3. Once approval is issued, the Chair/Delegate approves the application via ARISE. The application is then automatically forwarded to HREB for review.
  4. HREB will notify the PI of the panel's decision.

Please remember that students (Postdoctoral Fellows, Postgraduate Medical Education Fellows, etc.) are not eligible to apply as a PI when submitting ARISE applications to HREB. Students must be listed as a co-applicant. For more information, please contact Team Lead, Office of Research at