Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible to apply for and hold research funding?

A: Individuals who are eligible to apply for external and internal research funding and hold projects are listed in the table under the Eligibility to Apply for and Hold Research Funding Policy through the U of A Policies and Procedures Online (UAPPOL)

Note: If you list any co-applicants, Co-PIs and/or co-investigators, make sure they meet the eligibility criteria as per the UAPPOL policy to avoid delays in obtaining signatures. Some individuals may not have it clearly outlined in their job description or job duties which will further delay signatures. Ensure to only list those that are essential for your application.

Q: How do I obtain eligibility to apply for and hold research funding?

A: Based on the UAPPOL Eligibility to Apply for and Hold Research Funding Procedure, if the individual is not eligible to apply for funding, a request for an exception to the policy must be sought from the Vice-President (Research) or designate. The individual must provide a written request to the Director of RSO, supported by their Department Chair and Dean or Associate Dean (Research). RSO will review the request and make their recommendation to the Vice-President (Research) or designate for consideration. To obtain a letter of support from the Chair and Dean, please have your Division Director make a written recommendation to the Department Chair.

Note: This process takes time and will not be accomplished the day before the grant deadline. Therefore, please have your documentation complete and submitted to the Director of RSO at least 6-8 weeks in advance.

Q: Why do we need a UofA signature page?

A: Based on the UAPPOL Signing Authority and Delegation of Signing Authority Policy - All Funds, Authorization is granted to the Principal Investigator/Trust Holder (account holder) to expend or release funds. They must ensure that the expenditures are required for University operations and are in compliance with University policy and procedures. In addition they must ensure that the expenditures are in compliance with granting agency/donor terms and conditions. Subsequent internal control mechanisms and administrative infrastructure do not remove or diminish the Principal Investigator/Trust Holder responsibilities and accountability. Any expenditure that may be deemed ineligible or inappropriate becomes the responsibility of the Principal Investigator/Trust Holder.

Note: Authorization to expend funds can be delegated (refer to Delegation of Signing Authority Procedures). Delegation must be in writing and on file at the Unit.

Q: How do I create a UofA signature page?

A: To create a UofA signature page, you must login to the Researcher Home Page and follow the instructions as per the Quick Reference Guide - Request for New Application/Proposal/Project.

Q: How do I create a UofA signature page for a studentship/fellowship?

A: When creating the UofA signature page, under Request Type, ensure to select studentships. Refer to the Quick Reference Guide - Request for New Application/Proposal/Project for more details.

Q: How do I add my co-PIs and co-applicants to the UofA signature page?

A: All co-PIs and co-applicants affiliated with the UofA must be listed on your UofA signature page. To do this, please add lines by clicking on the + button under your name as Principal Investigator. Refer to the Quick Reference Guide - Request for New Application/Proposal/Project for more details.

Q: How come I do not have access to the Researcher Home Page?

A: Depending on your staff description, determines if you are eligible to apply and hold research funding (refer to Eligibility to Apply for and Hold Research Funding Policy). If you are not eligible based on your staff description, you will not have access to the Researcher Home Page.

Q: Who can I contact to make changes to my UofA signature page after I have clicked submit?

A: Please contact the RSO directly at

Q: Why does the chair need to sign my grant application?

A: The chair is responsible for reviewing your proposal as it relates to the overall department and academic program, activities and mission, and ensuring the budget is accurate and that individuals have the available time to conduct the project.

Q: What happens after I drop my grant application off to the department for signature?

A: Due to a large volume of grant applications, the DoM Office of Research assists the chair with reviews to ensure the application is complete and eligible for signature.

Q: How long does it take to obtain the Chair's signature?

A: Grant reviews are a priority for us and we are committed to a turnaround time of one to two business days for obtaining signatures from the chair. Refer to Chair's Signature Process.

Q: How do I hire a

Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Fellow

A: Please contact the DoM Graduate Education Office at or call: 780-248-1619. You can advertise for each through the following websites:

Summer Student (Research)

A: The FoMD Undergraduate Summer Student's Research Program provides undergraduate and medical students the opportunity to participate in summer research under the supervision of a faculty member. Summer research positions are available for two, three or four months each year between May and August. Please the FoMD at 780-492-8365 to advertise.

Undergraduate Research Student

A: The Undergraduate Research Portal through the University of Alberta Undergraduate Research Initiative is an online resource that helps connect undergraduate students with research opportunities. All members of the U of A community with a valid CCID can access the Portal, search the forums, and post opportunities. Access the Undergraduate Research Portal

Research Associate/Assistant

A: Contact the DoM Human Resource Advisor assigned to your Division.

Q: How do I invite an Academic Visitor?

A: An Academic Visitor is defined as visitor who will be on the University of Alberta campus for more than one month to carry out research or collaborate in UofA departmental research. An Academic Visitor may include a professor, graduate/undergraduate student or an individual from the private sector or industry. See Inviting Academic Visitors for information about how to invite them to the University of Alberta.

Q: Is there any support for research computing?

A: IST's Research Computing Group can help you get the most of the services provided by Compute Canada and WestGrid by providing researchers free storage and server needs.  Please click here for more info.

Q: I have another question, who do I ask?

A: If there are any questions regarding this grant applications please contact the Office of Research:

Phone: 780-248-1349