Faculty Administration Resource Manager (FARM)

FARM is your single access point to faculty and staff information, such as contact and affiliation data, research key interests and more.

Academic Members

Each FoMD academic member has a presence on the new website. The capacity of that presence is up to you. It can range from simple professional contact information and recent research contributions to a comprehensive and dynamic CV complete with your biography; research, clinical, and teaching interest areas; featured publications; collaboration information; social media links; and more.

The purpose of the academic web presence is to foster collaboration by sharing research interest information as well as showcasing the exceptional work being performed by our faculty.

The information that you share is entirely up to you. Visit the FARM website to choose and approve all the information you'd like to share with the public. You can also choose to upload and share a professional profile photo. Any data that you choose not to share will not be shared.

  • Log in to FARM with your CCID and password
  • Review contact information
  • Click on Public Profile Settings to access the Public Profile Consent page
  • Choose and approve all the information that you'd like to share with the public
For more details and a step-by-step walk-through, please take a look at the how-to document here.