Spring 2023

American Sign Language (ASL)
ASL 111 A1 Beginners' American Sign Language I
ASL 112 A1  Beginners' American Sign Language II

German (GERM)
GERM 399 A1 From Text to Film

French Language and Literature (FREN)
FREN 111 A1 Beginners' French I
FREN 112 A1 Beginners' French II
FREN 333 800 French Cultural Moments
FREN 499 800 La Rochelle Project Course

Modern Languages and Cultural Studies (MLCS)
MLCS 399 From Text to Film

Slavics and East European Studies (SLAV)
SLAV 399 800 Wars & Peace-UKR/PL relations

Spanish (SPAN)
SPAN 111 A1 Beginners' Spanish I
SPAN 112 A1 Beginners' Spanish II

Ukrainian (UKR)
UKR 211 800 Intermediate Ukrainian I
UKR 212 800 Intermediate Ukrainian II
UKR 300 802,803 Ukraine through Living Culture I
UKR 400 802,803 Ukraine through Living Culture II