REB Exchange streamlines multi-site research ethics in Alberta

REB Exchange integrates the ethics systems at UCalgary and UAlberta to streamline review for multi-site research. REBX enables collaboration, efficiency, and strengthens Alberta’s well-integrated research ecosystem.

REO - 17 September 2021

We are excited to announce the release of REB Exchange (REBX), a new ethics solution that integrates the ARISE (UAlberta) and IRISS (UCalgary) platforms to enable streamlined multi-site research, with a true single Board of Record model in Alberta.

REBX simplifies collaboration for applicants whose research falls under the Provincial Harmonization Agreement, and is approved by UAlberta HREB or UCalgary CHREB.

REBX means reduced time and effort required to obtain and maintain research ethics approval for multi-site research in Alberta:

  • Any study approved by HREB or CHREB can add participating sites (pSites)
  • pSites are required to submit only documentation specific to their site for research ethics review
  • pSite applications are linked in the system to a complete ethics application from the lead site, enabling streamlined review and collaboration between sites
  • pSite applications will be reviewed by the Board of Record for the lead site, regardless of the pSite location
  • REBX ensures the pSite’s institution is informed and administratively connected to the project

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REBX is available now:

  • Simply log in to ARISE as you normally would
  • Participating sites can be invited to join any project with an approved ethics application

Visit for more details, how-to guides, to access support.

Contact Patricia Lo,, for questions about REBX.

REB Exchange is a collaboration between Alberta institutions. The initiative is funded by Alberta Innovates, the University of Calgary, and the University of Alberta, with in-kind contributions from Alberta Health Services, to collectively support research ethics harmonization in Alberta.

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