Awards and Accolades - April to June

Celebrating the outstanding achievements of our Alberta School of Business faculty, students, staff and alumni from April to June 2023

Faculty Excellence


Jolene Martin was promoted to Faculty General Manager effective June 26, 2023. Congratulations!

Dr. Trish Reay has agreed to serve as Vice Dean of the Alberta School of Business starting July 1, 2023. Congratulations to Trish!

Dr. Sarah Moore has been appointed as the new Associate Dean, Research and PhD Program. Congratulations!


The 2023 Donald and Margaret MacKenzie Distinguished Teaching Awards recipients are, 
From the Department of Strategy, Entrepreneurship, & Management:

  • Emily Block
  • Ross Bradford
  • Dawn McCoy 

The Department of Marketing, Business Economics & Law:

  • Sarah Moore, 
  • Onita Blankenfeldt
  • Will Randall

The Department of Finance

  • Aditya Kaul
  • András Marosi
  • Christophe Voegeli

The Department of Accounting & Business Analytics

  • Jason Lee
  • Erin Marshall
  • David Rusnacik

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