Charting Success: A Year in Review at the Alberta School of Business

In no particular order, read on for just a small taste of some of the outstanding stories that have come out of the Alberta School of Business this year.

As 2023 draws to a close, the Alberta School of Business reflects on a year filled with innovation, achievement and the contagiously passionate spirit of its students and alumni.

From groundbreaking research that pushes the boundaries of business knowledge in areas from artificial intelligence, innovation, Indigenous research and global leadership to inspiring stories of students making a difference in their communities, the past year has been a testament to the vibrant and dynamic community that defines the Alberta School of Business. As we wrap up this chapter, let's celebrate the successes, triumphs, and enduring spirit that have made the past year truly exceptional. 

In no particular order, read on for just a small taste of some of the outstanding stories that have come fromthe Alberta School of Business community this year:



New research could help firefighters improve their plan of attack

Operations management professor Ilbin Lee's study found that putting more firefighters on the front lines in the critical first hours increases the odds of preventing moderate fires from burning out of control.

New study counters ‘confidence gap’ stereotype for women entrepreneurs

Professor Jennifer Jennings' research found that women and men are equally accurate in gauging their entrepreneurial ability. 

Study sheds light on the dark side of AI

In a recent study, professor Vern Glaser explains how human values are often subsumed by AI’s efficiency imperative, and why the costs can be high.

Airports perform better when owned by private equity funds: study

Recent research from corporate finance expert Hyeik Kim shows that airports perform better — with improved customer service, fewer cancellations and delays, and more routes — when purchased by private investors.

Brands that evoke the warm fuzzies hit the mark with lonely consumers, study shows

Alberta School of Business marketing researchers have found that consumers who feel lonely will often turn to brands that exude warmth.



Business PhD students share timely research at U of A conference

Some of the issues presented by business PhD students via three-minute talks, 15-minute talks and poster sessions included consumer-focused, operational, and philosophical challenges.

Business students step up to make an impact on Edmonton’s economy

This year's innovative MNP Impact Series case competition draws on ideas and talents of more than 1,000 students to tackle challenges of local revitalization.

Conference showcases the importance of Indigenous Perspectives in business

The Alberta School of Business hosted the Business PhD Students’ Mini Conference and Gathering, which brought scholars from around the country together

How playing professional soccer prepared this MBA grad for business school

2023 MBA graduate Eddie Edward appreciates how his background in sports instilled in him the skills needed to excel in the program and transition into the working world.

From probation officer to health tech consultant

2023 MBA graduate Blair-Marie Coles' non-linear journey has prepared her to navigate a purpose-driven career path to make the world a more just and equitable place. 




Business grad tackled pandemic isolation by creating connections — and sparking joy — for seniors and students

Inspired by her parents’ example and her experiences in the Peter Lougheed Leadership College, Samantha Gardner co-founded a thriving non-profit.

Business alumni and faculty rank among the Top 40 Under 40 for 2023

EDify magazine recently released its annual list, and 13 of this year’s recipients are members of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities community, including seven from the business community.

Nine Questions With Your New Alumni Association President

Ashton Rudanec (Paulitsch), ’12 BCom, ’16 MBA, can trace the U of A’s green and gold threads through her personal and professional story. On June 1, she started a new chapter as the U of A’s newest Alumni Association president.

Ingredients for success

Professional chef Peter Keith,‘19 BCom, ‘20 MBA, brings experience in entrepreneurship, community building and the food industry to his new role as director of eHUB Ideas Lab. 



‘Amazing Race Canada’ sisters create award for business students

The Brodett Student Impact Award supports students balancing academics with community contributions.

A legacy of leadership

Alberta School of Business alumnus Donald Mackenzie left his mark as both a military and business leader.

Alumna celebrates landmark birthday with scholarship

Although Serena Myles, ‘16 BCom, ‘22 MBA, only earned her MBA a year ago and is still paying off student debt, she decided to start her own scholarship to help business students.