Ep 3: Cannabis & the retail market

18 April 2019

On October 17, 2018, Canada became only the second country in the world-and the first G7 and G20 nation-to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Six months later, as part of the Alberta School of Business' Eric Geddes lecture series, industry experts discussed the effects of government regulation on the industry, finding a career in cannabis, the next wave of cannabis products, and Canada as a global cannabis leader.

CPI Ep 3: Cannabis & the retail market


Jesse Cheetham - VP, Human Resources, Fire and Flower
Katrina Ingram - Chief Operating Officer, Cannabis at Work
Audrey Kronewitt - District Manager, Canopy Growth/Tokyo Smoke


John Pracejus - Director, School of Retailing and Associate Professor of Marketing, Business Economics and Law

April 18, 2019 38 minute listen

Episode Highlights

  • (1:13) Surprises-The effects of government regulation
  • (6:50) The Journey-Getting into the cannabis industry
  • (12:30) The Second Wave-Edibles, drinks, and the expansion of the cannabis market
  • (16:18) Facing the Stigma-HR challenges and the importance of culture fit
  • (20:10) Learning to pivot-More on the effects of government regulation
  • (22:30) Looking for unicorns -Recruiting staff for a unique business
  • (25:48) Overcoming the Black Market-What legalization can provide to consumers
  • (27:58) An Appetite for Risk-Advice for finding a career in cannabis
  • (30:43) The Cannabis Starbucks-Canada as a global leader in cannabis
  • (32:54) Being Trailblazers-Final thoughts on getting in early

Further Reading

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