International Applicants

MAcc applicants with education completed outside of Canada are required to submit an international transcript assessment completed by the CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB) as part of the application package. The requirement to have sufficient training in Canadian accounting, auditing, and tax will not be waived for individuals who have studied similar subjects in other countries. MAcc course materials require existing in-depth knowledge of Canadian accounting standards.

To find out if your education qualifies for this exception, you are required to have your transcripts assessed by CPAWSB. This can be done by creating a portal profile and requesting to have an international transcript assessment completed by CPAWSB. *Please note it can take up to 14 weeks to have your transcripts assessed.


The structure of the MAcc program is poorly suited for students residing outside of Canada. Class is held over two consecutive summer periods (May to August). International students would not be authorized to work in Canada in between the first and second year of the MAcc program. Unless holding Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, or authorization to work in Canada, we would not encourage students residing outside of Canada to apply.