Obstetric Medicine Program


Obstetric Medicine is a discipline within General Internal Medicine that deals with the medical care of pregnant people.  The Obstetric Medicine Consultation Service was established at the University of Alberta in 2000.  We are committed to providing care to patients who are pregnant or planning pregnancy.  We provide preconception counselling, assessment of medication safety in pregnancy, and management of medical disorders during pregnancy and postpartum.


Obstetric Medicine Clinic is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary clinic for patients with medical complications that are pregnant or contemplating pregnancy.  Patients have access to physicians, NPs, dietitians and pharmacists. 

Maternal Heart Health Clinic is a unique multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary clinic co-managed by Obstetric Medicine and Obstetric Cardiology (Drs. Jonathan Windram and Nazneem Wahab) that cares for patients with congenital and acquired cardiac disease during pregnancy.

Postpartum Preeclampsia Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic established in 2010 as a very novel vascular risk management clinic for patients who had preeclampsia. Preeclampsia, especially preterm, is an independent risk factor for the development of long-term vascular complications for these young patients. This clinic aims to provide education to the patients and their providers and to support them with the latest practice in this emerging field.

To refer patients to any of our clinics (Obstetric Medicine clinic, Maternal Heart Health clinic, Postpartum Preeclampsia clinic), please refer to the Alberta Referral Directory.  For Diabetes in Pregnancy referrals, please refer to the Regional Diabetes Program.


We educate learners in disciplines from General Internal Medicine (GIM) and Obstetric residencies as well as Core Internal Medicine, MFM, other medical subspecialties.  Rotations include a combination of inpatient consult service and outpatient clinics and scholarly activities. 

Our Obstetric Medicine Fellowship Program was established in 2010.  The program has attracted local, national and international candidates. Our program is primarily a one year clinical fellowship for training Obstetric Internists. Provisions can be made for a shorter duration of training for those who wish to practice GIM with an interest in Obstetric Medicine, typically as part of a GIM subspecialty or another program.  Funding is required, with options including grants, scholarships and return of service work. Full details and information on the application process can be found in our handbook.  The application deadline for Fellowship training is typically October 15 of the prior academic year.

For inquiries about electives and the Obstetric Medicine fellowship, please contact Carrie Hlady at


We are involved in research and quality improvement projects that will further knowledge in improving the care of pregnant patients with medical problems.  Our faculty members are part of Women and Children’s Health Research Institute. We are also involved in multi-center studies in collaboration with national and international colleagues.