We provide care on a referral basis for patients with disorders that are characterized by abnormal involuntary movement and/or impoverished voluntary movements including Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, dystonia, essential tremor, and related disorders.

A written consultation request, including appropriate medical information, is usually faxed directly to our Centre from the referring physician. The patient is either contacted directly by Centre personnel, or by the patient's own doctor with an appointment time.

For new patient, approximately one month prior to their appointment, a letter is sent confirming the appointment and a brochure outlining how the visit will proceed, listing things to bring, location of Clinic within the Kaye Edmonton Clinic and location of parking is enclosed. An intake form (requesting information about past medical history, medications, etc.) is also included with the letter. This is to be filled in and brought to the Clinic visit. Follow up visit will be reminded by phone calls.

Patients are encouraged to have a family member or care partner accompany them to the visit. A few days before the appointment, a reminder phone call is made.
What should patients expect?

Initial visits can be expected to last approximately one hour. During this time, patients are usually seen by one of the clinic nurses, and by a neurologist. Because the Clinic is part of an active teaching program, a resident or medical student may be involved in the assessment.

Our centre is the only tertiary movement disorders program in Northern Alberta. Waiting time is long due to patient load. There are community neurologists accepting new patients for Parkinson's disease and tremor. These offices include, but not limited to: